Talend Extends Scope of Integration Reach

13 Jun, 2017

Via the Summer 2017 release of Talend, which can be invoked as a cloud service or deployed on-premises, the company is extending the reach of its data integration service hosted in the cloud.

Multi-Cloud: Today’s Preference, Tomorrow’s Necessity

12 Jun, 2017

Multiple clouds may require more work up front, and on the management side, but it’s worth it to know that, barring a truly catastrophic event, there should always be resources available when you need them.

The Cloud Is Becoming Increasingly Vertical

07 Jun, 2017

The cloud is quickly expanding from a general-purpose data services platform to a series of highly targeted industry vertical solutions, further decreasing the need for businesses of all types to maintain infrastructure to support their operational models.

Databricks Marries Apache Spark to Serverless Computing

07 Jun, 2017

Databricks CTO Matei Zaharia says announcements are intended to reduce the amount of time it takes for organizations to start getting return on their investments in Apache Spark.

Sumo Logic Extends Machine Data Analytics Reach

07 Jun, 2017

Sumo Logic has altered the licensing terms under which it provides access to its cloud service to provide organizations with a Sumo Cloud Flex option under which terms can be negotiated based on the use case for the data.

Veritas Simplifies Data Migrations to the Cloud

06 Jun, 2017

Veritas announced Veritas CloudPoint, which enables IT to more aggressively schedule capturing of snapshots of data residing in multiple public clouds as part of an effort to accelerate recovery time and point objectives.

Oracle Enhances Cloud Security Service Using Machine Learning Algorithms

05 Jun, 2017

Via this update, Oracle is essentially helping organizations to reduce their risks by relying more on machines to identify potential threats.

Google Moves to Make Public Cloud Platform More Flexible

01 Jun, 2017

Google is now spending a lot more time and energy courting enterprise customers. While public clouds have been around for 10 years, most enterprise IT organizations are just now making public clouds a standard deployment option.

Not Using Office 365 in the Cloud Can Cost Millions, Study Finds

31 May, 2017

A recent study has found that 62 percent of organizations are still using Microsoft Office 365 applications on-premises rather than in the cloud, a rather shortsighted decision that can potentially cost an organization millions of dollars a year.

Twilio Advances Cloud Communications

25 May, 2017

As communications services continue to evolve in the age of the cloud, it’s starting to become apparent that multiple forms of communications involving text, audio and video are increasingly being embedded into applications.

Barracuda Networks Looks to Ease Cloud Security Fears

24 May, 2017

Barracuda Networks wants to reduce the friction with making the move to the cloud by making it simpler for application developers to attach a firewall to any application being developed on a public cloud.

Working Toward the Integrated Hybrid Cloud

24 May, 2017

In all likelihood, hybrid cloud environments will prove to be as diverse as the traditional data environments they replace, with each enterprise crafting customized solutions to give their products and services an edge in the marketplace.

Google Unfurls IoT Cloud Platform

17 May, 2017

While Google might be a distant third when it comes to public clouds today, the rise of IoT applications may very well represent a new greenfield opportunity for Google to narrow that gap considerably.

VMware to Push Control Plane for Virtual Desktops onto Azure Cloud

16 May, 2017

Since selling off the assets of its own public cloud, VMware has been aggressively moving to make the VMware stack of server, storage and network virtualization software available on a variety of public clouds.

Tech Vendors Embrace Flexible Consumption

12 May, 2017

The fact that data center infrastructure is evolving from a product to be purchased and managed to a service that is consumed is in keeping with the myriad other ways that digitization is altering the way we work and live.

Virtustream Extends Cloud Service Reach

11 May, 2017

Leveraging an alliance with VMware, a Virtustream sister company, should enable Virtustream to better make its case as an alternative to cloud platforms for enterprise-class applications developed by SAP, Oracle and IBM.

Crafting a Thoroughly Modern Data Environment

09 May, 2017

The modern data center will be able to give you nearly anything you want, but you have to know what that is ahead of time in order to derive top value from your IT investment.

Finding Balance in a Multi-Cloud Universe

08 May, 2017

In the end, the choice between single- or multi-cloud is the same as between single- or multivendor solutions in the data center: Does the simplicity of a single provider outweigh the drawbacks of vendor lock-in?

Getting Past the Public vs. Private Cloud Debate

05 May, 2017

It’s fair to say that most discussions surrounding the cloud are still based on archaic notions of how data, applications and infrastructure interact to support the various enterprise processes.

Dell EMC Embraces Microsoft Azure Stack

04 May, 2017

Offerings such as Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack platform effectively blur the line between public and private clouds, giving IT more control over application deployments.

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