Dell EMC Upgrades Infrastructure Portfolio Optimized for VMware

30 Aug, 2017

Most new workloads today are being deployed on HCI appliances, while legacy applications are being upgraded using converged infrastructure that comes in the form of rack-based systems.

VMware Starts to Deliver on Cloud Promise

28 Aug, 2017

VMware made good on a promise to make a version of a stack of software on AWS in addition to delivering SaaS applications that can be applied to multiple clouds.

An Optimal Cloud Requires Optimal Management

25 Aug, 2017

The cloud might not provide all the bells and whistles as traditional infrastructure, but its vast size gives it the economies of scale that no other solution can match.

Clouds Vie for Critical Workloads

23 Aug, 2017

With new migration packages and services optimized for mission-critical data and applications, CSPs large and small are eager for your business.

Lifting HPC into the Clouds

21 Aug, 2017

The cloud has already proven that it is good at lowering the cost of infrastructure that organizations need to support standard workloads, and there is no reason to think it can’t do the same for HPC.

Druva Unfurls Cloud Platform to Unify Management of Data Protection

17 Aug, 2017

The rise of cloud computing creates an opportunity to rethink how data protection gets implemented and managed on an end-to-end basis.

Barracuda Networks Extends Backup Reach to AWS

15 Aug, 2017

In most instances, customers will back up the most important and most recently used data locally, while taking advantage of the cloud to either back up less critical data or simply archive it.

Easing the Private Cloud’s Pain Points

14 Aug, 2017

The private cloud continues to be a conundrum for the enterprise as it seeks to reconfigure data infrastructure for the emerging digital economy.

AWS Adds Raft of Management and Security Tools to Cloud Service

14 Aug, 2017

AWS is moving to extend investments in machine learning algorithms and serverless computing frameworks to automate as many low-level administrative and programming tasks as possible.

Splunk Debuts Monitoring App for AWS Clouds

14 Aug, 2017

Splunk Insights for AWS Cloud Monitoring is a full instance of Splunk that comes in the form of an application that runs on an AMI virtual machine optimized on an AWS cloud.

Hardware Can Still Make or Break the Cloud

08 Aug, 2017

Hardware has always mattered in the cloud, although it is becoming less and less of a daily concern for the enterprise as increasing levels of abstraction separate applications and services from raw infrastructure.

The Growing Importance of Cloud Orchestration

03 Aug, 2017

Despite lingering concerns about security, reliability and, yes, costs, the enterprise is still very eager to migrate workloads to the cloud. And not surprisingly, cloud providers are equally eager to take on enterprise workloads.

CloudVelox Simplifies Movement of VMware Workloads

02 Aug, 2017

One Hybrid Cloud simplifies migrations via automated Application Blueprinting and network customization that make it simpler to replicate a cloud instance running in a public or private cloud.

Oracle Advances Cloud Applications Case

02 Aug, 2017

Oracle SCM Cloud Release 13 adds over 200 features to a suite of existing SCM applications that span every aspect of the supply chain.

Salesforce Accelerates Deployments of Service Desks

27 Jul, 2017

Organizations are finding the more they engage a customer via support, the more likely it becomes that customer will consume additional products and services.

Digital Guardian Pushes Data Loss Prevention into the Cloud

26 Jul, 2017

Digital Guardian Analytics and Reporting Cloud makes use of an implementation of the Apache Spark in-memory computing framework and related Big Data software hosted on AWS to identify sources of data exfiltration.

JASK Unveils Cloud Security Platform Based on AI

25 Jul, 2017

The most unique aspect of JASK Trident is that as a cloud service, it extends what it learns about IT security to all the customers that employ it.

Time to Rein in Cloud Storage

25 Jul, 2017

The cloud wants your data, and it is resorting to increasingly creative methods to get it.

How Containers Are Bridging the Hybrid Cloud Divide

24 Jul, 2017

With the enterprise under the gun to do things better, faster and at less cost, it’s likely that more and more of the application and data load will migrate to the cloud at some point. Using containers, that process becomes a lot easier.

Citrix Extends Google Alliance to the Cloud

21 Jul, 2017

Google needs partners such as Citrix to expand an enterprise ecosystem that until recently, it largely ignored.

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