Successfully Managing a Project Team in a Matrix Environment

04 May, 2016

use these tips for successful matrix team management.

8 Phrases Not to Say in a Job Interview

03 May, 2016

Eight phrases you should avoid using in your next job interview and what you should say instead.

How On-the-Job Training Can Bolster Gender Diversity in an IT Organization

27 Apr, 2016

A look at how Randstad Technologies got creative in regard to bolstering gender diversity in the workplace.

5 Ways to Kick-Start Employee Energy

26 Apr, 2016

Five simple ways to reinvigorate employees — solutions that not only take up little time, but will energize the brain and body, leading to a higher-performing workforce.

Female Chief Digital Officer Shares Insights on Gender Issues in Tech

21 Apr, 2016

A Chief Digital Officer shares her experience as a female in such a high-profile technology role.

5 Tips for Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

20 Apr, 2016

To tap the full skill set of your multi-generational team, you'll likely need more agile management approaches and new communication tools.

Life in the Entrepreneurial Fast Lane with a Female Tech CEO

14 Apr, 2016

A female tech CEO answers the question of why women tend not to give themselves as much credit as they should.

Chief Digital Officer Sees Role as Critical for Competitive Advantage

12 Apr, 2016

A Chief Digital Officer defines her role and what it means for the IT organization.

Research Shows Gender Skills Gap Is a Fallacy, Female CEO Says

07 Apr, 2016

Research conducted by DDI debunks the myth that men and women tend to have different workplace skills.

7 Social Slip-Ups that Spell Disaster in a Job Interview

04 Apr, 2016

Interviewees who can't make conversation, who talk incessantly or who continually check their phones leave a bad impression that not even an impeccable resume or glowing reference can offset.

How to Start Your Job Search in Data Science

29 Mar, 2016

Interested in a career in data science? See how you can best set yourself up for success before you apply for a job.

CEOs Share Valuable Lesson: Be Careful When You Hire

28 Mar, 2016

Company executives address their far-reaching hiring mistakes.

Modern Etiquette for Professional Social Gatherings

23 Mar, 2016

Though workplace events are often a wonderful way to connect with coworkers and interact with the power-players, they can also be monumentally disastrous without modern manners.

Millennials May Not Be More Tech-Savvy Than You

21 Mar, 2016

A senior organization development consultant at Oracle debunks some generational stereotypes.

6 Tips for Hiring Remote Tech Employees

18 Mar, 2016

Hiring remote employees can provide great benefits to both the employee and employer, but there are a few factors that should be considered when hiring remote tech talent.

The 5 Essential Traits of Digital Innovators

16 Mar, 2016

Digital innovators successfully bring new ideas to market, transforming their customer experience, products and services, and business models.

Research Findings on Millennials: Helpful Data Points or Harmful Stereotypes?

14 Mar, 2016

Jessica Kriegel, senior organization development consultant at Oracle and author of a new book, says the focus needs to be on effective management of millennials.

Eyeing a Future in Which Software Development Is a Spectator Sport

09 Mar, 2016

CEO says in code fights, you get matched up against one person or a group of people, and then timed to try to accomplish a task better than the others.

How Competing Against a ‘Bot’ Could Land You a Developer Job

03 Mar, 2016

A coding competition platform is being used to enable people to compete against each other and solve coding challenges, but also for recruitment.

20 Companies that Raise the Bar on Job Perks

02 Mar, 2016

According to Glassdoor.com, nearly 57 percent of people report benefits and perks as being among their top considerations before accepting a new job.

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