The Argument for a Five-Hour Workday

23 Jun, 2016

Stephan Aarstol is out to convince us that companies would prosper, and society would benefit, if we’d switch to a five-hour workday.

Debunking the Myth of Microsoft as the ‘Evil Empire’

21 Jun, 2016

George Santino talks about what it was really like on the inside of what many on the outside saw as the “Evil Empire.”

Employee Engagement: The Strategic Priority of HR

15 Jun, 2016

Employee engagement is one of the most important elements for a successful business, but it's more than just social events and celebrations. Check out the 10C framework for engagement.

How Software Developers Become Leaders Without Going into Management

15 Jun, 2016

To become leaders, developers need to stretch themselves, commit to something over time, and execute in the trenches.

5 Salary Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid

14 Jun, 2016

Initial salary offerings are generally a starting point for discussion, so how you answer questions about salary is really important.

A Career in Male-Dominated Industries: What One Woman Has Learned

13 Jun, 2016

Author and leadership consultant Dana W. White talks about her experiences as a woman working in male-dominated industries.

Onshore Software Services Provider Advocates Tapping Foreign Talent

08 Jun, 2016

Nexient CEO Matt Orttung explains the pressures that shape his views on outsourcing and the visa system.

Retired Partner Engineer at Microsoft Shares Rags-to-Riches Story

06 Jun, 2016

Career advice from George Santino, one of the early insiders at Microsoft.

U.S. Offshoot of Germany’s SAP Focuses on Cybersecurity, ‘Information Fusion’

01 Jun, 2016

CEO talks about the work SAP NS2 is doing, especially in regard to serving U.S. military veterans.

Leadership Lessons for IT Professionals from an Iraq War Hero

26 May, 2016

A war hero shares insight that can only arise from those who have overcome unfathomable obstacles.

10 iOS Brainstorming Apps to Organize Your Ideas

20 May, 2016

With the ever-increasing capabilities of mobile apps and devices, users can now have a nearly limitless canvas to scratch out and rearrange ideas.

How Remote Workforce Collaboration and Productivity Are Improving

19 May, 2016

Advancements in technology have made for a more flexible and virtual workforce, allowing employees to work from home while remaining collaborative and productive.

How Do You Know a CEO Candidate Is a Poor Choice?

19 May, 2016

The one skill you can’t supplement or mentor effectively is leadership. That is the one absolute requirement of a CEO. Folks in the company have to want to follow them.

What If the Lack of Women in Tech Isn’t the Problem that Needs Fixing?

16 May, 2016

Analyst Rob Enderle says we must make the technology industry more attractive to women as a career path than it currently is. If we do, most of the related symptoms, like salary disparity, will self-correct over time.

Seven Interviewing Tips to Identify Entrepreneurism in Job Candidates

16 May, 2016

Entrepreneurial spirit is indicative of self-confidence, adaptability, and devotion to an end goal.

How to Create an Effective Project Management Office

12 May, 2016

Project management offices (PMOs) must operate in such a way that they demonstrate that they can support and add to the wider organization and its strategic goals.

Stakeholder Engagement: The Game Changer for Program Management

12 May, 2016

The excerpt from chapter 5 focuses on leveraging stakeholders to prepare your organization for change. This is an essential practice that ensures a successful product delivery.

Where Digital Transformation, Leadership Intersect

11 May, 2016

The one thing companies most frequently get wrong when undertaking a digital transformation has to do with leadership.

Former Facebook Tech Exec Talks About Her New Role at Startup

09 May, 2016

Stockpile makes it possible to invest in the likes of Apple, Netflix, Facebook, Google and Coca-Cola by simply purchasing a gift card for the stock.

5 Tips for Modernizing Your Business Workplace in 2016

04 May, 2016

Outdated practices may mean missing out on top talent who look for innovative and creative work environments. If a company is stuck on archaic processes, they risk facing costly consequences.

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