Whitman Throws Trump and HPE Under the Bus: Why Politics and CEOs Don’t Mix

04 Aug, 2016

CEOs are the faces of their firms and most know that there is no upside to being politically active while also holding that top job.

One Female Tech Entrepreneur’s Unconventional Path to the CEO Suite

04 Aug, 2016

Brenda Stallings turns the typical tech entrepreneur story on its head.

Preparing for the Evolution of the IT Administrator Role

02 Aug, 2016

The adage, "change is the only constant," holds true in the IT landscape like no other, forcing IT admins to constantly learn new skills and make strategic decisions.

7 Items to Include on Your Resume

02 Aug, 2016

General wisdom suggests that resumes be as concise as possible, but job seekers must be careful that they don't leave out important details.

The Collaboration Conundrum: How to Enable Your Workforce

29 Jul, 2016

We need to recognize that collaboration does not come naturally to everyone and enabling professionals to work with others more effectively is not an easy task.

15 Time-Management Tips for Stressed-Out IT Pros

28 Jul, 2016

Jackie Gaines, an executive coach, time management consultant and author, has come up with a list of 15 time-management tips that are worth considering.

Further Insights from a Former Vietnam POW Turned Leadership Adviser

26 Jul, 2016

Retired Air Force Col. Lee Ellis talks about millennials, gender differences at work and business leaders entering politics.

What We Should Learn from Email Breaches

25 Jul, 2016

Remind employees to treat email, and all forms of communication, with a lot more respect than they likely currently do.

8 Cities That Tech Pros Should Check Out

21 Jul, 2016

A look at eight cities that are becoming hot spots for tech careers.

Courageous Leadership: Advice from a Former Prisoner of War

19 Jul, 2016

Retired Air Force Col. Lee Ellis says the one essential leadership characteristic that’s most lacking in corporate America today is courage.

How Squarespace Meets the Challenge of Recruiting Tech Talent in New York City

12 Jul, 2016

Certain people absolutely love New York, and would never live anywhere else, and other people would never consider living there.

7 Steps to Combat the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

08 Jul, 2016

The cybersecurity industry is facing a major shortage of expertise, with industry estimates suggesting that more than one million unfilled security jobs exist worldwide.

Top 25: Which Cities Pay Software Engineers the Best?

07 Jul, 2016

To get an accurate read on the value of software engineer salaries across the country, Glassdoor has identified the top 25 cities by calculating the 'real adjusted salary' for each city.

The Five-Hour Workday, Revisited: How One Company Made It Work

07 Jul, 2016

Find out how one company was able to successfully implement a five-hour workday.

A Tech Company Experiences ‘Bring Your Parents to Work Day’

05 Jul, 2016

If you’re an IT professional, it wouldn’t be surprising if your kids have a much clearer understanding of what you do than your parents do.

IPsoft Previews Apollo Virtual Assistants to Replace IT Ops Staff

30 Jun, 2016

Virtual assistants are about to transform the way IT services are delivered in a way most IT organizations never imagined.

The Most Important Quality an Executive Can Have

30 Jun, 2016

One quality defines most successful executives: the ability to learn from mistakes.

IT Expected to Act as Security Experts, Even Without Training

29 Jun, 2016

Nearly 70 percent of IT pros do not have any security certifications nor are their employers willing to invest in the training or certifications needed, but they are responsible for security.

How Non-Techies Can Get a Master’s Degree in Computer Science

28 Jun, 2016

Northeastern’s ALIGN program draws upon undergraduates with degrees in other disciplines, from English and political science to business and biotech.

Stranger Danger Lurks in LinkedIn Connections

27 Jun, 2016

Black hats are increasingly looking to sites like LinkedIn to harvest information on employees and their roles within a company.

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