Why Our Addiction to Work Is Making Us Stupid, Depressed, Unhealthy, and Hurting Our Career

06 Nov, 2013

Certainly, anyone can work 50, 60, or 80 hours per week, if they choose. But as it turns out, profound consequences are attached.

ITIL Certification Still Tops List of Ideal Certs for IT Pros

05 Nov, 2013

Though certs haven't been high on the IT radar, they will still be relevant in 2014, especially the ITIL certification.

International Project Management Day Focuses on Future of Business

04 Nov, 2013

The 10th annual International Project Management Day agenda combines lessons learned from a wide variety of industries.

How to Decide Whether You Need a Chief Data Officer

04 Nov, 2013

The recent creation of the title of chief data officer sparks some debate over when an enterprise truly needs such a role.

Seven Perks Leading Tech Employers Use to Retain Talent

30 Oct, 2013

To create a work environment that’s satisfying and productive, many firms are offering creative incentives, along with generous compensation packages.

Atlanta Tech Hiring Revolves Around Mobile Trends

28 Oct, 2013

Tech hiring and recruiting is focused on mobile software, mobile employees in the southern city.

When User Policy Fails: Anonymous Twitter Account Ends Career

23 Oct, 2013

The larger lesson from a titillating story is a reminder that user policies are meant to be updated, and this is a great time to revisit social media use policies.

The Unconscious Nature of Excluding Women from Workplace Opportunities

23 Oct, 2013

Often, men don't realize that important conversations and collaborations happen without women present. This needs to change.

Business Analysts Need the Right Skill Sets for the Job

22 Oct, 2013

Business analysts'  roles may vary from organization to organization, but there are some skills that the basic job description has in common.

IT Called in to Reverse HealthCare.gov Site Launch Problems

21 Oct, 2013

IT is working 24/7, says President Obama, to rectify problems with the HealthCare.gov website and reduce user frustration.

Five Tips to Keep the Best IT Staff on Board

21 Oct, 2013

It's challenging to find great IT employees, but keeping them may be even harder. Here are five tips to keep the best staff on board.

Is It OK for Women to Cry at Work?

21 Oct, 2013

What might be the consequences for women who cry at work? What about men?

An Eye-Opening Woman’s View from the CIO Seat

16 Oct, 2013

Becky Blalock, a 33-year IT veteran and former CIO, shares her views on enterprise leadership, women's issues, and the recent Twitter board debacle.

Job Description: Information Specialist / IT Business Analyst

16 Oct, 2013

The Information Specialist/IT Business Analyst assists in planning, coordination and documentation of design and functionality for modifications or enhancements to software products.

Database Developers Are In Demand

15 Oct, 2013

Hiring managers and database developers seeking employment will both benefit from this IT Download featuring a DB developer job description.

Unearthing the Best Workplace Perks

14 Oct, 2013

Prioritize your perk wish list. Everything is negotiable.

Shutdown Could Hurt the Search for Cyber Security Experts for Government

14 Oct, 2013

The already dangerous threat level is becoming more so, given the shutdown of some government services and offices.

LinkedIn: Why You Should Bring Your Parents to Work

09 Oct, 2013

Many parents have valuable career advice to offer, but may not know how best to deliver it because they aren’t exactly sure what their working offspring actually do.

STEM Graduates More Satisfied with Higher Education Results

01 Oct, 2013

Study finds more positive responses among STEM graduates in preparedness for employment and finding jobs requiring four-year degrees.

Unlocking Your Brilliance

30 Aug, 2013

This excerpt provides insight from personal experience, as well as smart strategies for women to thrive in science, technology, engineering, and math.

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