CompTIA Aims to Become Key Resource for Women in IT

10 Mar, 2014

Aims to encourage young women and girls to make the IT profession a preferred destination of their career paths.

More Mentors Needed for Women in STEM

07 Mar, 2014

National organizations are adding mentorship programs and more participants are needed to address the shortfall of female STEM professionals in the U.S.

Are Female and Male CEOs Wired Differently?

07 Mar, 2014

Some posit that women are inherently more collaborative.

Five Tricks to Stay Motivated When Working at Home

06 Mar, 2014

Staying motivated can be hard for remote employees, but here are five tricks for staying motivated when working at home.

Guiding the Next Generation of Women in STEM

06 Mar, 2014

Karen Purcell’s non-profit, STEMspire, seeks to inform and support young women in pursuing their strengths and interests, as well as to help parents and educators play positive roles. But much work must still be done.

Twenty-Five Highest Paying Companies for Interns 2014

06 Mar, 2014

While the median household income in the U.S. is $53,046, several interns earn much more – $75,000+, assuming they were to work a full year.

Meg Whitman’s Amazing Turnaround of HP

05 Mar, 2014

When Whitman took HP over, the firm was on death watch largely due to a combination of too many CEOs, too many scandals, too much focus on cost cutting, and too little focus on customers.

How Millennials and Their Workplaces Have Changed in 10 Years

05 Mar, 2014

Author Alexandra Levit explains her take on millennials and their biggest challenges in the workforce today.

Class-Action Suit Claims Silicon Valley No-Poaching Agreements Hurt Hiring

04 Mar, 2014

The suit claims that CEOs at some of the largest Silicon Valley tech firms tried to keep their agreements secret for years.

Satya Nadella Builds Team at Microsoft

03 Mar, 2014

Whether it is personal or corporate, if you don’t own your image, your future will be controlled by whoever does. Nadella is making sure he owns Microsoft’s future and that is an excellent first step for a new CEO.

Becoming a Doctor and a Software Entrepreneur Along Parallel Paths

03 Mar, 2014

Learn how and why one man managed to complete medical residency while learning to code and creating a software company.

Mitigating the Compliance Risk of Misclassifying Contract Workers

28 Feb, 2014

The IRS has gotten even more aggressive in conducting audits of companies to ensure they’re in compliance with worker classification laws.

Robotics’ Acceptance Accelerates

27 Feb, 2014

Yes, human-like androids are part of the mix, but swarms of small robots working together and even smaller bits of robotic intelligence are a bigger part of modern life every day.

Executive Ascending: HP’s Bethany Mayer Leading the Crucial Cloud Charge

27 Feb, 2014

Mayer has demonstrated, in a company that has been anything but stable, the capability, passion and drive to accomplish amazing things.

Senior Dev Ops Engineer Must Wear Many Hats

25 Feb, 2014

By downloading this document, hiring managers or human resources staff can get a head start on hiring a strong senior dev ops candidate.

Job Description: Sr. Dev Ops Engineer / Build Release Engineer

25 Feb, 2014

The senior dev ops engineer will be working closely with dev, QA, and product teams and your opinion and the code you write will define how we ship our product. DOWNLOAD_FILE_TYPES:PDF|DOWNLOAD_FILE_SIZE:329 KB |DOWNLOAD_FILE_COUNT:3|DOWNLOAD_FILE_URL:/imagesvr_ce/1688/MeetingChecklist.zip |LEAD_GRAPH: Learn how to plan and execute an efficient, effective and productive meeting using this meeting checklist. It breaks down the steps into preparation, execution and follow-up tasks to help you get your meetings on track.

Linkedin Adds More Info About Who’s Peeking at Your Profile

24 Feb, 2014

With more info on who has looked at your profile, along with a few other new features, LinkedIn would love for you to add more data to your profile page.

How the Mess at CA Spun off a Top Business Book for College Grads

24 Feb, 2014

A young woman in her first corporate job wrote a book that provided a generation with the corporate survival skills essential for young people to learn.

How the Freelance Shift Is Driving the Market for On-Demand Labor

20 Feb, 2014

Work Market, a provider of cloud-based contract labor management services in New York, focuses on staffing for large corporations with many on-site IT workforce needs.

Why IT Pros Need to Get Out of the United States, at Least for a While

19 Feb, 2014

Ritch Eich, management consultant and author, is a keen advocate of considering overseas relocation and sees many benefits.

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