10 Cool Office Spaces for 2015

13 Oct, 2015

Check out 10 spaces that go beyond the traditional idea of office space and provide a functional, yet unique, space for employees to work.

The View from a Female Collegiate Athlete Turned Tech Entrepreneur

09 Oct, 2015

Joanna Weidenmiller, CEO of 1-Page, a talent acquisition and retention software company, gives insight into women in tech and running a successful company.

2016 Most In-Demand IT Positions

07 Oct, 2015

IT hiring in 2016 is expected to continue to be a relatively fierce market, favoring employees looking for new positions.

Crowdsourcing Innovation as a Means of Advancing IT’s Relevance

07 Oct, 2015

IT professionals need to do a lot more than just ensure that the lights are kept on; they need to be drivers of innovation. And the best way to accomplish that just might be to crowdsource it.

How to Develop Your Own Leadership Skills

01 Oct, 2015

Certain skills are necessary for providing leadership and management to others. Find out how to identify these skills within yourself and hone them to become a better leader.

Why Lessons in Humility May Help You Keep Your Job

01 Oct, 2015

Author and professor at the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business, Edward Hess, believes that humility is one trait that can't be duplicated by machines and thus, will be important to human jobs of the future.

The Secret to Solving Your Data Analytics Problems May Be … Algebra?

28 Sep, 2015

Algebraix Data claims to have demonstrated that mathematics is the way to unify data management across different data structures.

How to Keep Productivity High When Working from Home

23 Sep, 2015

While it can be distracting and a bit more difficult to stay motivated when working from home, it's not impossible. Here are steps you can take to stay on track.

IT Hiring Managers’ Preferences Are Changing, Survey Finds

23 Sep, 2015

A survey conducted by Addison Group, a Chicago-based staffing and recruitment firm that specializes in IT, shed quite a bit of light on what hiring managers are looking for.

The Long Term Strategic Problem of a Lock-In Strategy

22 Sep, 2015

As Apple continues with its strategy of locking in customers with its products, Rob Enderle reminds us why such a strategy can also be bad for business.

Job Description: SEO Specialist

22 Sep, 2015

The SEO Specialist will be accountable for conducting competitor research, keyword research, SEO writing, and other content optimizations as needed.

How to Be a Winner: 5 Keys to Achieving Big Goals

18 Sep, 2015

Everyone wants to do great things, but few actually do. Why? Most people are either afraid to think big, believe they don't have what it takes, or don't want to commit to putting in the kind of effort required to accomplish anything truly great.

Learn to Find Your Dream Job Without Using Crazy Schemes

17 Sep, 2015

To find a new job, you don't need wacky schemes or a hot tip. Career coach and author Lisa Quast can guide you to your new career with a few pointers.

Eight Tips for Closing the STEM Skills Gap in Data-Driven Organizations

15 Sep, 2015

To compete in today’s data-driven world, companies need to focus their efforts on recruiting top talent, or risk falling by the wayside, says Lattice Engines CEO Shashi Upadhyay.

Female Tech Entrepreneur Shares Lessons Learned in Co-Founding Silicon Valley Startup

10 Sep, 2015

Brienne Ghafourifar tells her experiences as co-founder of a tech startup and gives insight on the company's ground-breaking technology.

Hidden Strengths: Unleashing the Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have

09 Sep, 2015

In this excerpt, the Sindells address the risks of focusing only on your weaknesses, overrelying on your strengths, and the rewards of focusing on your hidden strengths.

What to Look for When Hiring an Independent Contractor

04 Sep, 2015

Hiring an independent contractor could be the perfect solution to your hiring woes, but you need to be just as diligent in screening these types of hires as you are traditional employees.

Why IT Pros Need to Accept the Premise of ‘Intelligent Disobedience’

01 Sep, 2015

Author Ira Chaleff is an expert on leaders and followers, and his latest book explains how we sometimes need to disobey our leaders when what they ask for puts us--and the business--at risk.

How to Avoid Getting in Hot Water When You Poach an Employee

28 Aug, 2015

Author James Pooley's advice on how employers can stay on the right side of the law when hiring key employees away from the competition.

Secrets of a Hiring Manager Turned Career Coach

28 Aug, 2015

This book is an easy-to-follow, self-help manual of the job searching basics. It's like having a career coach in your corner, helping you through every step to obtain a new job.

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