If You’re an Overworked, Underpaid IT Pro, You’re Not Alone

04 Dec, 2015

According to Spiceworks research, if you’re an IT pro, chances are you’re putting in about 10 hours more per week than people in other professions do.

Silicon Valley Tech Vet Shares Unconventional Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

02 Dec, 2015

On the release of his new book, John Chisholm talks about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Marissa Mayer and Meg Whitman Aren’t the Big Turkeys at Yahoo and HP

24 Nov, 2015

Fixing a CEO is easy. You either mentor them properly or replace them. But once a board goes bad, there is no easy recovery.

5 Reasons You Need a Successful Employee Referral Program

24 Nov, 2015

Organizations rank employee referrals as their most successful source of hires, above job boards, social networking sites and corporate career pages.

Preparing Students with Autism for a STEM Career

20 Nov, 2015

Dr. Ellis Crasnow, director of STEM3 Academy, explains the origins of the school and how its students can succeed in fulfilling careers with the correct guidance.

How to Jump Start Your Job Search in One Week

18 Nov, 2015

To help you regain your confidence and inch yourself closer toward landing your dream job, here are steps that you can take to boost your hireability.

Chief Trust Officer Consolidates Roles in Overcrowded C-Suite

16 Nov, 2015

Hmong Vang, chief trust officer at Liaison Technologies, explains how he works in the areas of security, compliance and privacy.

The View of Autism as an IT Asset

12 Nov, 2015

The connection between autism and IT is a simple fact of life that likely comes as no surprise to anyone who has spent a career in, or covering, this field.

6 Ways to Win the IT Talent War and Retain Top Performers

10 Nov, 2015

Engaged employees who are equipped with the tools necessary for success are 50 percent more likely to outperform expectations and 54 percent less likely to walk out the door.

Security Professionals Disconnected from Security Realities

02 Nov, 2015

In a nutshell, too many security professionals don’t think their company is going to be the victim of an attack.

A Glimpse into the World of a Chief Innovation Officer

02 Nov, 2015

Mohan Nair had been Cambia’s chief marketing officer before being tapped to fill the newly created chief innovation officer position. He provides an informative look at his own position, beginning with his assumption of the role.

How to Promote Yourself on the Job

29 Oct, 2015

Most working people neglect to consistently prove their value to their organization. Learn how to promote yourself and rejuvenate your career.

Why Workplace Conflict May Not Be Such a Bad Thing After All

26 Oct, 2015

Management and human resources consultants Cornelia Gamlem and Barbara Mitchell talk about how to approach workplace conflict in new, productive ways.

2016: The Year of the Software-Defined Skill Set

23 Oct, 2015

IT workers will need to broaden their breadth of experience to include more relevant DevOps skills like scripting, automation and network/storage virtualization.

Why Software AG Elevated Customer Centricity to the C-Suite

22 Oct, 2015

Some companies, like Software AG, find that selling product isn't their focus--making their customers successful is. To focus on that, it's important to start at the C-level.

5 Things an Interviewer Expects but Never Tells You

21 Oct, 2015

Having a rough interview? Even if you give stellar responses in an interview, an interviewer expects other things but never tells you.

CIOs: How to Get Your Teams to the Next Level

20 Oct, 2015

Today, successful IT teams are the ones with a deep knowledge of how to take technical expertise and drive the business forward.

Job Description: SharePoint Developer/Administrator

20 Oct, 2015

The SharePoint Developer/Administrator position will focus on needs analysis, design, build and go-live in addition to support for a large Microsoft SharePoint environment.

Female Tech CEO Sidesteps VCs with Crowdfunding Campaign

20 Oct, 2015

Helen Thomas, CEO of Touchjet, an interactive touch technology startup, explains why her company turned to crowdfunding instead of VCs to get the company off the ground.

Health Insurance Provider Turns to Crowdsourcing to Spark Innovation

14 Oct, 2015

Cambia Health Solutions' Chief Innovation Officer, Mohan Nair, has adopted Spigit’s innovation crowdsourcing platform. He elaborates on the successes that have resulted.

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