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Dell Does Desktop Linux: Implications and Causes for Failure and Success

05 Apr, 2007

Dell has announced its intention to do Linux on the desktop. This could have major implications regardless of whether it succeeds or fails, and the odds are currently -- based on past history -- more ...More >

Rethinking the Desktop, Part 3: In 2020 Desktop Linux, Windows, and the MacOS Won't Matter

04 Apr, 2007

I began this series by looking at the current environment and talking about why all the vendors, including Microsoft, are having problems displacing Windows 2000/XP. I concluded that neither Linux ...More >

Rethinking the Desktop, Part 1: Is It Time for a Bigger Change Than Vista, MacOS, or Linux?

28 Mar, 2007

An audio download recently hit the Web of a talk Bill Gates gave nearly 20 years which, with some exceptions, outlined what actually happened in the subsequent two decades.   Twenty years is a ...More >

Oracle Sues SAP: Time to Rethink Security and Ethics

23 Mar, 2007

Oracle just dropped a bomb on SAP, alleging broad theft of intellectual property. This has huge implications for both companies. If this effort is successful, and Oracle's allegations are correct, ...More >

The Remaining (post Leopard) Three Barriers Preventing MacOS Corporate Use

21 Mar, 2007

With the release of Leopard now days away, I think it is important to look at the reasons not addressed by Leopard that keep the Mac OS blocked from the corporate desktop.   Leopard will address ...More >

How FSF Is Preventing Dell from Doing Linux on the Desktop

19 Mar, 2007

I keep reading posts that suggest the reason Dell is not being more aggressive with desktop Linux is either because of Microsoft pressure or because it is being tricked by a Microsoft "Get the Facts" ...More >

The Art of Being Critical of Microsoft

14 Mar, 2007

My plan today was to post a piece on The Five Things You Aren't Allowed to Discuss Inside of Microsoft. This was to follow my earlier piece on The Five Things You Aren't Allowed to Discuss About ...More >

Sun vs. Microsoft: Sun's Winning Strategy - Lose Microsoft

12 Mar, 2007

A year or so ago I got in trouble with The Register for a quote in The Economist where I said something to the effect that Sun had no strategy. What was interesting was the author, Ashley Vance, ...More >

Open Source: Is It Really Open?

08 Mar, 2007

I am fascinated with behavior. You learn a lot by observing and reading about it and you often learn that what you thought was true isn't. Previously, I've argued that open source wasn't open ...More >

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