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Death by Web Post or E-mail: Avoiding Career Suicide

21 Feb, 2007

A few days ago I suggested that companies put in place policies that prohibit posting under an artificial name. The reason is to get people to think more about what they post and the implications for ...More >

HP Kicks Financial Butt

20 Feb, 2007

HP's financials are in and, from the top level, the results look very good. I often get comments from large companies that indicate to me management has grown complacent because they blame company ...More >

A Beginning: Controversy 'R Us

15 Feb, 2007

This is my first day writing for IT Business Edge and I want to give you a sense for what to expect from this Blog.   Generally the purpose, or goal, of this will be to provide fodder for ...More >

Should Company Policy Require Employees Use Full and Accurate Names when Posting?

15 Feb, 2007

Let's start out with a really uncomfortable subject because the concept of anonymity is core to the web. Somehow it gets mixed up with free speech and privacy. The first is a red herring and the ...More >

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