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Document Management and Litigation: Learning from Intel's Mistake

26 Apr, 2007

If you've been watching, and it is hard to miss this, there is a huge upswing in litigation between companies. Much of it is patent and copyright litigation in the technology segment with examples ...More >

RIM: Not Enterprise/Government Ready

24 Apr, 2007

Last week was the second time RIM put its customers at risk. This time, however, these customers found themselves disconnected without explanation for an extended period of time.   The lack of ...More >

Open Source: Why Do Some Folks Not Want You to Do Your Homework?

18 Apr, 2007

I'm struck by the comments that are coming in to some of my pieces.   The latest series on the GPL 3.0 is basically my attempt to get people involved in the drafting of a contract I don't think ...More >

Getting Ready for GPL 3.0: Call the Lawyers

15 Apr, 2007

Last week started talking about GPL 3.0 and the fact that folks on both sides don't seem to want you to read it. In addition, we discussed the basics of software licenses, and how the new model ...More >

GPL 3.0: What's the Real Truth, and What Do You Need to Do About It?

12 Apr, 2007

So much of what surrounds Linux is misinformation, and the draft of GPL 3.0 is no exception.   One thing is clear, however. If you are going to live under this license, and most of you will, ...More >

Blogger Code of Conduct, Don Imus, and Anticipating Internet Regulation

10 Apr, 2007

One of the first topics I discussed in this blog is the need to move away from anonymity so that people can be held accountable for what they say, and the Internet can become safer place for all. ...More >

Dell Does Desktop Linux: Implications and Causes for Failure and Success

05 Apr, 2007

Dell has announced its intention to do Linux on the desktop. This could have major implications regardless of whether it succeeds or fails, and the odds are currently -- based on past history -- more ...More >

Rethinking the Desktop, Part 3: In 2020 Desktop Linux, Windows, and the MacOS Won't Matter

04 Apr, 2007

I began this series by looking at the current environment and talking about why all the vendors, including Microsoft, are having problems displacing Windows 2000/XP. I concluded that neither Linux ...More >

Rethinking the Desktop Part 2: The Coming Change That Is Bigger Than Vista, Mac OS or Linux

30 Mar, 2007

Previously we chatted about how we got into this PC mess, which started with the concept of something that was a lot like a user-focused mainframe and now needs to evolve into something that makes ...More >

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