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The Remaining (post Leopard) Three Barriers Preventing MacOS Corporate Use

21 Mar, 2007

With the release of Leopard now days away, I think it is important to look at the reasons not addressed by Leopard that keep the Mac OS blocked from the corporate desktop.   Leopard will address ...More >

How FSF Is Preventing Dell from Doing Linux on the Desktop

19 Mar, 2007

I keep reading posts that suggest the reason Dell is not being more aggressive with desktop Linux is either because of Microsoft pressure or because it is being tricked by a Microsoft "Get the Facts" ...More >

The Art of Being Critical of Microsoft

14 Mar, 2007

My plan today was to post a piece on The Five Things You Aren't Allowed to Discuss Inside of Microsoft. This was to follow my earlier piece on The Five Things You Aren't Allowed to Discuss About ...More >

Sun vs. Microsoft: Sun's Winning Strategy - Lose Microsoft

12 Mar, 2007

A year or so ago I got in trouble with The Register for a quote in The Economist where I said something to the effect that Sun had no strategy. What was interesting was the author, Ashley Vance, ...More >

Open Source: Is It Really Open?

08 Mar, 2007

I am fascinated with behavior. You learn a lot by observing and reading about it and you often learn that what you thought was true isn't. Previously, I've argued that open source wasn't open ...More >

Corel vs. Google: The Quest for Productivity

06 Mar, 2007

The second preliminary round is between Google and Corel, for now, and clearly Apple remains in the wings with a more complete OS/Productivity strategy, as we've noted before. Let's take a look at ...More >

Round 1: Linux and Dell's Battle Plan

02 Mar, 2007

Dell has picked the old Microsoft alternative Novell as its primary weapon. Novell had once been a true contender for Microsoft's crown but had fallen on hard times largely due to an inability to ...More >

Apple's MacOS Battle Plan and Calling the OS Round

02 Mar, 2007

Apple, as we've noted before, is planning to make a massive run at the desktop and evidently has addressed many of the compatibility problems with Leopard that have made is technically unacceptable ...More >

Calling the Preliminary Rounds for the Next Microsoft

28 Feb, 2007

Suddenly Microsoft seems to have an abundance of competitors when a few short years ago it was thought the company was unbeatable and that funding a Microsoft competitive offering, either inside a ...More >

The Five Things You Aren't Allowed to Discuss About Linux

26 Feb, 2007

I started writing about Linux not because I thought it interesting, fascinating, or even because I liked to code (I don't).   I started writing about Linux because I was told I couldn't and the ...More >

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