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Decline of Open Source Follow-Up: FUD Attack?

17 Jul, 2007

I was fascinated with the responses I got around the Web on my observation that open source interest, according to the OEMs I've spoken to recently, is dropping. These responses seemed to be ...More >

Why Open Source and Linux Are Losing Momentum

13 Jul, 2007

This time of year, I make my rounds with the OEMs and get to chat with a number of executives. Several things have floated to the top, but the one I'd like to chat about right now is the comment that ...More >

Enterprise PC Bidding II: Critical Questions to Ask

06 Jul, 2007

In the first part of this three-part series, I handicapped the PC and laptop vendors. Now I'll discuss the questions to ask these vendors, and in the final installment I'll talk about alternatives to ...More >

Enterprise PC Bidding: Handicapping the Vendors

03 Jul, 2007

This is typically the time when a lot of you start going out to bid for your personal computer refresh. I'm going to cover this topic in three parts. The first is a discussion on the primary vendors ...More >

Expensing the Enterprise iPhone and Why Generation One Products Generally Suck

28 Jun, 2007

There are people lined up to buy an iPhone and the darned thing doesn't even go on sale until tomorrow.   There is a lot to be said, both good and bad, about this experience, but given the mail ...More >

GPL 3.0: Does It Even Matter?

25 Jun, 2007

That seemed to be our consensus question when four of us weighed in on the subject during an IT Business Edge forum a few days ago. I was actually expecting a very heated debate but, in the end, we ...More >

Saying No to the Executive with an iPhone

22 Jun, 2007

Last week I helped out with a podcast focused on helping IT keep iPhones from connecting to their corporate networks.   The iPhone isn't designed to connect to a corporate network, and it ...More >

Microsoft's Dynamic IT: Cake or Crap? Depends on Your Recipe

20 Jun, 2007

I don't know about you, but when any vendor says something like Autonomic Computing or Computing On Demand or Adaptive Computing or... I feel like covering my ears and running for the door. How many ...More >

OSS vs. Microsoft: Which Is the Most Untrustworthy?

14 Jun, 2007

Now if I were to ask whether OSS or Microsoft was the least trusted, I could answer Microsoft and end this entry in less than 10 words, though some would likely disagree.   My point with this ...More >

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