Unfiltered Opinion : January 2019 Archives

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The Most Troubling Part of the FTC Case Against Qualcomm

31 Jan, 2019

Attending the final hours of this FTC trial raised several serious and troubling questions about this proceeding and future ones among tech companies and government agencies. ...More >

Qualcomm vs. FTC, Apple and Intel: Deceptions and Misdirection

24 Jan, 2019

The FTC got involved in litigation at the request of Apple and Intel, which could backfire on them. The effect on Qualcomm and the smartphone market may not be what they intended. ...More >

NVIDIA CES Keynote: The Next Step in Dreamweaving

07 Jan, 2019

In the first big keynote of CES 2019, the focus for NVIDIA is on its graphics capability with emphasis on the new RTX technology. ...More >

The Big Changes in 2019

03 Jan, 2019

2019 will be disruptive, with firms like Microsoft rising again to power and long-term market leaders dropping due to bad decisions, poor execution, and lots of distractions. ...More >

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