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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

Happy 50th Birthday, COBOL!

18 Sep, 2009

Today marks the official 50th birthday of one of the original development environments that started it all, which might make for a good time to consider where COBOL and mainframes are headed for the ...More >

Defending Your Company Rep on the Web

18 Sep, 2009

There's an adage about how fast bad news travels that's as old as time immemorial. Unfortunately, bad news on the Web -- true or not -- travels around the globe in an instant. Most companies seem ...More >

Turning Field Service into Field Sales

17 Sep, 2009

Most companies today have a bifurcated approach toward how they interact with their customers. The first set of touch points involves sales people who create the initial relationship and manage the ...More >

The Volatility of Virtualization

17 Sep, 2009

There are two distinct camps emerging within the ranks of IT when it comes to managing virtual machines and the physical servers they run on. The first camp is dominated by all the folks that jumped ...More >

Inside the Database Wars

17 Sep, 2009

In the war for database supremacy, it seems like IBM and Oracle have been locked in a titanic struggle since the dawn of time. Oracle has generally gotten the better of IBM in terms of market share, ...More >

Oracle Sets the Hardware Record Straight

16 Sep, 2009

On the face of it, the announcement of a new version of Oracle's existing data warehouse server would not be worthy of all the hoopla it is getting. But when Oracle has been kicked around for months ...More >

The Collaboration Conundrum

16 Sep, 2009

In theory, IT is supposed to increase productivity. To attain that goal we have invested billions of dollars, especially in PC applications that are supposed to make people more productive. But the ...More >

Time to Fix the Hardware Foundation, Too

16 Sep, 2009

Earlier this month we discussed the theoretical desire for tearing down many of the software applications that not only hinder our productivity, but also consume an inordinate amount of money to ...More >

The Rise of IT Process Automation

16 Sep, 2009

There are a lot of these conversations these days about best practices in the land of IT, but the simple fact is that a lot of IT processes are becoming increasingly automated. Whether the economy is ...More >

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