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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

Smart Grid Influence Extends Well Beyond Energy

24 Sep, 2009

On the face of it, the high-level draft of a standard for a new Smart Grid power distribution system is a noble effort to make the entire country more energy-efficient. Its key goals include cutting ...More >

Securing Google Applications

23 Sep, 2009

This may come as a shock to some IT people, but end users are sharing sensitive corporate information over public cloud services such as Google Docs. A recent survey conducted by International Data ...More >

The Great HITECH Act Loophole

23 Sep, 2009

At first glance, the HITECH Act that goes into effect today looks like a formidable piece of legislation. Companies in violation of the HITECH Act can incur millions of dollars in fines should they ...More >

One PC Management Tool to Rule Them All

23 Sep, 2009

When you look at all the various tools most IT organizations use to manage their PC environment, you can't help but wonder how things got to be such a sorry state. Every time you turn around, there ...More >

Taking an IT Bite out of Crime

22 Sep, 2009

There's an old saw about there never being a cop around when you need one. Like most cliches, this one is unfair to our local police departments, but the fact of the matter is that there are only so ...More >

An IT Industry Transformed

22 Sep, 2009

With Dell's move to acquire Perot System for $3.9 billion, the IT industry as a whole has arrived at a seminal moment. What's been slowly happening over the past several years is that the companies ...More >

Centralizing Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

22 Sep, 2009

It seems like an inordinate amount of time is spent assessing potential risks these days rather than working on things that add actual value to the business. One of the reasons for this is that a lot ...More >

The Troubling Thing About Net Neutrality

21 Sep, 2009

While the concept that everyone should have access to the same amount of bandwidth on the Internet represents an attractive utopian ideal, there is a huge gap between what sounds good in theory and ...More >

Appreciating Application Acceleration Appliances

21 Sep, 2009

Given all the focus on cost savings over the last two years or more, it's a wonder that there hasn't been more focus put on application acceleration appliances. While these appliances have been ...More >

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