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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

Taming Desktop Virtualization

06 Oct, 2009

Given the multitude of approaches available when it comes to creating a virtual desktop, there's little wonder that there is a lot of confusion surrounding the subject of desktop virtualization. ...More >

Managing Composite Applications

06 Oct, 2009

One of the biggest opportunities that IT has to add value is to build composite applications that unify multiple business processes. Although not easy to build, these applications, generally known as ...More >

BPM Moves to the Cloud

06 Oct, 2009

As the gap between IT and the business continues to narrow - albeit slowly - there's an increasing understanding that IT needs to bend to the requirements of the business, rather than the other way ...More >

IT as an Impediment to Mergers and Acquisitions

05 Oct, 2009

In theory, IT should make it easier to merge one company with another. But as times goes on, it appears that the complexity of IT is becoming a major impediment to mergers and acquisitions. The ...More >

Cloud Computing: Changing the Balance of IT Power

05 Oct, 2009

Every time there is a major inflexion point in terms of IT, there is usually a corresponding change in competitive edge. With the arrival of cloud computing as a new type of IT platform, some folks ...More >

IBM Extends Collaboration Across the Cloud

02 Oct, 2009

While most of the focus on collaboration applications running in the cloud has focused on the battle between Google and Microsoft, IBM has quietly been stealing a march on both. IBM today rolled out ...More >

Taking the Stress Out of Backup and Recovery

02 Oct, 2009

As the amount of data that needs to be managed continues to grow at alarming rates, IT organizations are increasingly faced with some major challenges when it comes to backup and recovery. But what ...More >

Truly Free to Roam About the Building

02 Oct, 2009

One of the things that keeps a lot of people tethered to their desks is that the wireless networks they have installed are not very robust. For one reason or another, coverage can be spotty at best ...More >

The Business Savvy CIO's Little Red Handbook for Success

01 Oct, 2009

It seems like there are more self-help books for CIOs than any other profession on the planet. Unfortunately, most of these books deliver little more than trite pieces of advice on leadership that ...More >

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