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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

IBM Extends Collaboration Across the Cloud

02 Oct, 2009

While most of the focus on collaboration applications running in the cloud has focused on the battle between Google and Microsoft, IBM has quietly been stealing a march on both. IBM today rolled out ...More >

Taking the Stress Out of Backup and Recovery

02 Oct, 2009

As the amount of data that needs to be managed continues to grow at alarming rates, IT organizations are increasingly faced with some major challenges when it comes to backup and recovery. But what ...More >

The Business Savvy CIO's Little Red Handbook for Success

01 Oct, 2009

It seems like there are more self-help books for CIOs than any other profession on the planet. Unfortunately, most of these books deliver little more than trite pieces of advice on leadership that ...More >

Hackers Target Google Wave Invitations

01 Oct, 2009

Turns out one of the most dangerous things you can do on the Web these days is follow everybody else. After the launch of Google Wave as a service available to 100,000 beta users this week, one of ...More >

Rethinking PC Ownership in the Enterprise

01 Oct, 2009

With the pending arrival of Windows 7 and the fact that so many companies observe today as the start of a new fiscal year today, it might be worth considering how the concept of PC ownership is ...More >

Google Wave Breaks over Collaboration

30 Sep, 2009

Now that Google Wave is a real service, IT organizations are going to need to take a step back to review their collaboration strategies. The issue that many IT organizations will face is similar to ...More >

Time for Overdue Review of Government IT

30 Sep, 2009

Most citizens of this country labor under the delusion that their government has at the very least a basic grasp of how to use information technology. After all, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ...More >

A Time of IT Renewal

30 Sep, 2009

Whether it's the worst of times or best of times, IT organizations always seem to be under duress. Today, they don't have enough people on hand to support the business because of layoffs. When the ...More >

The Source of Our Web Insecurities

29 Sep, 2009

Right now about 85 percent of all legitimate Web sites are compromised by malware in some form or another. Yet when it comes to making these sites and the applications more secure, we do almost ...More >

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