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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

EMC Co-Founder Richard Egan: An Appreciation

01 Sep, 2009

Back in the early 1980s when I had the privilege of running the news department for a publication called Digital Review that covered all the happenings in and around Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC), ...More >

The War for Desktop Virtualization

01 Sep, 2009

There's a new war on for control over the desktop that is as bitter as anything we've seen since the days when Microsoft battled IBM over the merits of Windows versus OS/2. It's way too early to say ...More >

Cisco Signals Intent to Deliver New Collaboration Platform

01 Sep, 2009

One of the fundamental problems with enterprise software today is that all the data and information we need to work with resides in any number of silos that are difficult to integrate. Although ...More >

The Continuing Evolution of Virtualization

31 Aug, 2009

One thing that is becoming clearer as we watch the continuing development of the ecosystems being built on top of virtual machines is the reinvention of system services typically associated with ...More >

Storage Specialists Could Become an Endangered Species

31 Aug, 2009

Everywhere you go these days it seems like some vendor is going out of its way to make it easier for some else on the IT staff to do their job. Companies such as F5 Networks now make it easier for ...More >

Blind Mice and the Swiss Cheese Security Model

31 Aug, 2009

For years now we have poured millions of dollars into making our network perimeters secure. The end result has been a massive sprawl of security appliances that are expensive to maintain and ...More >

The Business Case for Open Source Virtualization

31 Aug, 2009

Now that virtual machine software is rapidly evolving into becoming a platform, the next logical question seems to be: What kind of platform do we want it to be? Right now, both VMware and Microsoft ...More >

Balancing Productivity Gains Against Security Concerns

28 Aug, 2009

The fundamental reason we invest in IT is to increase productivity. Accomplishing that goal these days is pretty much defined by how much integration we can achieve between disparate sets of data. ...More >

Cloud Computing Should Drive More Custom Application Development

28 Aug, 2009

One of the things that held back application development in the enterprise has been the cost of setting up and managing the infrastructure for the development and testing environment. But with recent ...More >

Healthcare Reform Needs IT Now

27 Aug, 2009

There is a great debate going on in this country over the future of healthcare. No matter what side of that debate you may personally be on, just about everybody agrees that cutting the cost of ...More >

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