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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

Shopping Carts as Price Checkers

12 Oct, 2009

As we move into the holiday shopping season, a lot of fuss is usually made about the supposed abandonment of shopping carts on e-commerce sites. The l atest insights about all this suggests that ...More >

The Art of the Alert

12 Oct, 2009

One of the things that business people are most enthralled with these days is the simple ability to send an alert to just about anybody at any time using any medium. Unfortunately, just because ...More >

The Crying Need for Better Collaboration Standards

09 Oct, 2009

Try as any one vendor might to build the perfect platform for collaboration, the very definition of collaboration will require a lot of interaction across various collaboration platforms. Today we ...More >

IT Needs to Look Beyond the Office

09 Oct, 2009

When you think about the devices where some level of embedded intelligence could help make huge gains in improving productivity, the possibilities seem almost endless. On one side you have lower-cost ...More >

The Great Business Divide

08 Oct, 2009

Much is made over the historic divide between IT and the business, but the great divide that nobody ever seems to want to acknowledge is the divisions within the business that conspire to make a ...More >

The Weakest Link in the Supply Chain

08 Oct, 2009

The problem with most supply chain systems is that process that the company actually uses is never quite the same as the one modeled in the system. This is because the supply chain system is usually ...More >

Storage Management Heads into the Cloud

07 Oct, 2009

Amazon may deserve most of the credit for popularizing the basic concept of accessing storage as a cloud computing resource, but the battle over intelligent storage cloud computing services is just ...More >

Stuck in the IT Slow Lane

07 Oct, 2009

This may come as cold comfort to a lot of people who have always suspected as much, but a survey released today by Progress Software finds that 72 percent of about 400 organizations in the U.S. and ...More >

Determining Means and Opportunity

07 Oct, 2009

One of the issues that nobody seems to want to really address inside or outside of IT is who exactly is responsible for identity management. With a specific domain, everybody wants to manage access ...More >

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