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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

Using Video to Redefine Knowledge Transfer

14 Oct, 2009

Capturing knowledge and managing it has always proved elusive inside any organization. And never is that more apparent than during a company meeting where one person gets up and explains in detail ...More >

Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7

14 Oct, 2009

Although everybody in corporate America is not likely to switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 overnight, there is enough fatigue surrounding Windows XP that companies are starting to plan their ...More >

Data Center Convergence Needs to Be Platform Independent

13 Oct, 2009

There�s a lot of talk these days about data center convergence, mostly in the form of system manufacturers promoting their approach to integrated servers or a platform-specific set of systems manag ...More >

No Shame in Application Downsizing

13 Oct, 2009

Just like people trying to cope with a drop in income, corporations these days are downsizing their corporate lifestyles. In the context of enterprise applications, that usually means moving ...More >

Overcoming IT Tunnel Vision

13 Oct, 2009

When it comes to managing IT, most organizations appear to be more comfortable maintaining the machines than they are managing the business process. That's unfortunate, because as far as the business ...More >

Predictive Analytics: Dodgers to Win World Series

13 Oct, 2009

If you believe in the power of predictive analytics and statistics, then the Los Angeles Dodgers are about to win the World Series. According to the folks that make WebFocus predictive analytics ...More >

Shopping Carts as Price Checkers

12 Oct, 2009

As we move into the holiday shopping season, a lot of fuss is usually made about the supposed abandonment of shopping carts on e-commerce sites. The l atest insights about all this suggests that ...More >

The Art of the Alert

12 Oct, 2009

One of the things that business people are most enthralled with these days is the simple ability to send an alert to just about anybody at any time using any medium. Unfortunately, just because ...More >

Storage Protest Scheduled for Oracle OpenWorld

12 Oct, 2009

As part of an effort to highlight the inherent inefficiencies of existing storage systems, Pillar Data System this week at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco is organizing what it describes as a ...More >

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