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No Big Rush to Windows 7

22 Oct, 2009

With all the hoopla surrounding the launch of Windows 7, there are some basic facts of operating systems' life within the IT organization that are not going to change now that Microsoft has a ...More >

The Payment Card Security Shakedown

22 Oct, 2009

There is only thing worse than being threatened with having to pay protection money: paying for the protection and still getting robbed. That's pretty much sums up how a lot of people feel about the ...More >

Cloud Computing Gains More Momentum

21 Oct, 2009

A new survey commissioned by IT services company Avanade shows that 56 percent of the IT organizations surveyed view cloud computing as a strategic imperative. Although 43 percent said they view ...More >

Virtualization Nightmares on the Network

21 Oct, 2009

As virtualization continues to evolve, it�s becoming clearer that enterprise networks are going to be increasingly put to the network management test in ways never seen before. ...More >

SOA Reborn

20 Oct, 2009

More than a few pundits have speculated that given shift toward application development on the Web that is anchored by easy-to-work-with scripting languages, <a href="http://www.itbusinessedge.com/ ...More >

IT Life After Windows 7

20 Oct, 2009

While all the focus of the moment seems to be on the potential benefits of Windows 7, once Microsoft officially releases Windows 7 it's going to fall to the IT help desk to start cleaning up after ...More >

In Search of Lost Shopping Carts

20 Oct, 2009

Although the vast majority of the time it turns out that a shopping cart is abandoned online because someone was using it as a glorified price checker, it still would be a nice to be sure about ...More >

Enterprise Content Management: A Mythical Oxymoron

19 Oct, 2009

There are those inside and out the enterprise content management (ECM) space who would argue that the whole category is a figment of some marketer's imagination. There never has been a real ...More >

Diversity on the Desktop

19 Oct, 2009

In another era, the formal release of Windows 7 would generate the normal amount of <a href="http://www.itbusinessedge ...More >

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