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IT Life After Windows 7

20 Oct, 2009

While all the focus of the moment seems to be on the potential benefits of Windows 7, once Microsoft officially releases Windows 7 it's going to fall to the IT help desk to start cleaning up after ...More >

In Search of Lost Shopping Carts

20 Oct, 2009

Although the vast majority of the time it turns out that a shopping cart is abandoned online because someone was using it as a glorified price checker, it still would be a nice to be sure about ...More >

Diversity on the Desktop

19 Oct, 2009

In another era, the formal release of Windows 7 would generate the normal amount of <a href="http://www.itbusinessedge ...More >

Application Downsizing to the Cloud

19 Oct, 2009

As previously discussed, there is an emerging trend emerging where some corporations are actually downsizing their applications as a way to cut costs in these difficult economic times. Doing this is ...More >

The Unfulfilled Promise of XML

19 Oct, 2009

When the XML file format initially came out, it was hailed as a way to finally overcome our interoperability issues. After all, it was a self-describing, data-neutral file format that would make it a ...More >

Indiana: Expecting Too Much of Self-Service Applications

16 Oct, 2009

It's always hard to say just what factors leads a customer to cancel a major project with a vendor. But the news that the state of Indiana has canceled a $1.34 billion contract with IBM to automate ...More >

Intellectual Property Theft and the Role of IT

16 Oct, 2009

Every time there is a report of some major theft of intellectual capital, all eyes invariably turn back to the IT department. And the question that usually gets asked is that with all the money we ...More >

Phishing Attacks via the IT Department

16 Oct, 2009

Is nothing sacred? Turns out that the latest round of phishing attacks plaguing end users look like legitimate e-mails coming from the internal IT department. The folks at Trusteer Research issued a ...More >

Distributed Computing Heads for the Cloud

16 Oct, 2009

Now that we have all this processing capacity available via the cloud, the leading lights of the industry are starting to turn their attention toward how to create a true distributed computing envi ...More >

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