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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

How to Easily Visualize Data

23 Oct, 2009

The biggest problem we have with data is not collecting it and storing it; it's analyzing it. This is why business intelligence applications are at the top of every IT priority list. But the problem ...More >

Transaction Processing in the Cloud

22 Oct, 2009

Not every type of application is ideally suited for cloud computing. ...More >

The Payment Card Security Shakedown

22 Oct, 2009

There is only thing worse than being threatened with having to pay protection money: paying for the protection and still getting robbed. That's pretty much sums up how a lot of people feel about the ...More >

Beyond Sustainability

21 Oct, 2009

The whole issue of sustainability is gaining momentum all across the corporate hierarchy. But while most people think sustainability is all about the impact a company may have on the environment, ...More >

Cloud Computing Gains More Momentum

21 Oct, 2009

A new survey commissioned by IT services company Avanade shows that 56 percent of the IT organizations surveyed view cloud computing as a strategic imperative. Although 43 percent said they view ...More >

Virtualization Nightmares on the Network

21 Oct, 2009

As virtualization continues to evolve, it�s becoming clearer that enterprise networks are going to be increasingly put to the network management test in ways never seen before. ...More >

SOA Reborn

20 Oct, 2009

More than a few pundits have speculated that given shift toward application development on the Web that is anchored by easy-to-work-with scripting languages, <a href="http://www.itbusinessedge.com/ ...More >

IT Life After Windows 7

20 Oct, 2009

While all the focus of the moment seems to be on the potential benefits of Windows 7, once Microsoft officially releases Windows 7 it's going to fall to the IT help desk to start cleaning up after ...More >

In Search of Lost Shopping Carts

20 Oct, 2009

Although the vast majority of the time it turns out that a shopping cart is abandoned online because someone was using it as a glorified price checker, it still would be a nice to be sure about ...More >

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