Welcome to CTO Edge!

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If your job is defined by how well you master information technology for your company, then this is going to be the site for you.

With so many disparate sources of information out there, it's becoming difficult for IT professionals focused on the value of technology to find the information and guidance they truly need.
To satisfy that requirement, we're assembling on CTO Edge the right mix of news stories focused on emerging technology, bloggers, feature stories, video, podcasts and How-To content to make it easier for technology professionals to do their jobs.
We're committed to focusing on what truly matters in terms of enterprise technology. That means no fluff about popular consumer technologies or dubious hooks to popular events in the name of trying to drive up page views. We want to earn your loyalty as a reader by simply focusing on information about IT that you will find useful.

To make that happen we've not only assembled an outstanding crew of experienced content contributors, we're inviting IT experts from across the spectrum to contribute content as well. When taken together, that means we're committed to creating a source of IT content that IT professionals can regularly count on to provide clear, concise news analysis alongside helpful tips that will make it easier for you to do your job.

We're inviting you to join this effort to cut through all the superfluous content of the day to once again rediscover the true value of IT!