Traffic Congestion Coming to 802.11n Networks Soon

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One of the more interesting networking trends we'll see in the New Year is a dramatic expansion of of traffic flowing across 802.11n wireless networks.

As Chris Kozup, Cisco senior manager for mobility solutions, rightly points out, wireless networks are just starting to find their way into a broad range of devices. Everything from a vending machine to a Flip video camera can now be hooked up to an 802.11 wireless network. It's not a matter of if, but simply when. And when you add every 802.11-enabled smartphone and notebook, things are likely to get a little congested on the wireless network.

Once we begin to see a lot more congestion on various wireless networking channels, the thing to look for from wireless networking vendors is which one will figure out how to automate the management of that congestion.

As Kozup notes, IT managers shouldn't have to figure out how to manually shift traffic when a frequency is congested. The wireless network should just do that automatically. Kozup isn't talking about Cisco's specific plans in this area, but chances are good that if he's highlighting the issue, Cisco must have a pending solution. Of course, you can also be sure that other providers of wireless networking technology are studying this issue as well.

The end result is that come next year, wireless networks should become a lot easier to manage even if the airwaves become as congested as an airport during the peak holiday travel season