Simplifying IT Process Automation


When it comes to getting more out of your existing IT investments, there's a lot to be said for IT process automation. The only problem is that the amount of time and expense it takes to automate a lot of routine IT tasks can be daunting. So rather than reinvent the process of managing IT, many IT organizations continue to muddle along.

One company that thinks IT process automation should be simple is Advanced Systems Concepts. Jim Manias, vice president of sales and marketing for Advanced Systems Concepts, says any tool designed to automate job scheduling processes should be able to be installed in a matter of minutes and allow IT administrators to start scheduling their first jobs in about 10 minutes.

Manias says the core problem with the job schedulers that come with most products is that they are rudimentary and can't be extended to processes that involve multiple products. In response to this requirement, the makers of job scheduling tools have been transforming their products into suites of workload automation tools. But Manias says rival offerings to ActiveBatch have lost sight of the primary goal by designing over-complex suites of tools that are difficult to deploy and expensive to obtain.

Given all the focus on trying to reduce IT costs as the amount of data and processes that need to be managed continue to spiral out of control, IT process automation is definitely at the top of the 2010 IT agenda. The problem is that nobody seems prepared to transform the way they manage IT over night, so perhaps a few baby steps in the right direction might be just the thing.