Savage IO Unveils Converged Storage Platform

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The way IT infrastructure is being deployed and managed across the data center is clearly shifting in the wake of the increased adoption of multiple forms of converged infrastructure and scale-out storage systems. Now, Savage IO wants to take the convergence of servers, networking, controllers and storage to its ultimate software-agnostic conclusion.

Today the company launched SavageStor, a system that combines all those elements in a single system that Savage IO claims provides 40 percent faster compute performance, requires 90 percent lower management resources, uses 50 percent less power and cooling and requires 75 percent less floor space than comparable systems.

Savage IO CEO Phillip Roberto says at the top end of the SavageStor line is the SavageStor 4800, which combines 512TB of solid state drives (SSDs) that can be used for cache or as primary storage hard drives to provide up to 1.9 petabytes of capacity in a 4U system. In terms of software, IT organizations can choose to deploy any management framework they prefer, although Roberto noted that in general Savage IO is seeing the most amount of traction in open source OpenStack environments that are pursuing new approaches to IT infrastructure usage and adoption. All told, the SavageStor arrays deliver speeds of up to 25GB per second, says Roberto.

The goal, says Roberto, is to enable IT organizations to employ almost any mix of SSDs and hard drives to serve as a cache or as a form of primary or secondary storage without having to worry about the underlying networking and compute technologies required to actually set it up or about being locked into a particular stack of software to manage it.

The degree to which IT organizations will take advantage of converged infrastructure to separate the purchase of hardware and software remains to be seen. Roberto says it’s clear that IT organizations are tired of paying a premium for the software required to manage IT infrastructure. Savage IO sees an opportunity to drive that separation by delivering a platform that lends itself to accomplishing that goal more readily than traditional IT infrastructure.