Nutanix Partners with Comtrade for Microsoft Integration

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As hyperconverged platforms from Nutanix continue to grow in popularity, there’s naturally now a race among IT vendors to figure out how best to manage them. While Nutanix has a suite of its own management tools, many IT organizations are looking for ways to extend their existing management frameworks to add support for Nutanix.

With that goal in mind, Nutanix has worked with Comtrade Software to create a Nutanix plug-in module for the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) platform.

Robert Corradini, a Microsoft solutions architect at Nutanix, says with many of the Nutanix systems now running Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines, it makes sense to extend the reach of SCOM out to the Nutanix platform.

In general, Comtrade Software President Simon Taylor says, hyperconverged platforms are gaining ground in the data center as an alternative to more complex storage area network (SAN) architectures. In many use cases, the Nutanix approach to hyperconvergence allows IT organizations to more easily scale out compute and storage in tandem, says Taylor.

As a result, many IT organizations now view hyperconverged systems from Nutanix as the simplest path toward building their own private cloud. Rather than having to develop the framework for managing those private clouds themselves, the Nutanix platform essentially embeds the tools needed to manage IT infrastructure resources on demand inside a box.

Of course, Nutanix is not the only vendor these days driving adoption of hyperconverged systems. But with support for SCOM now available via Comtrade, adoption of hypercovergence inside traditional Microsoft Windows Server environments is most likely about to considerably expand.