Changing the Economics of the Client


With the advent of new processor technologies and the rise of virtualization, the cost of the client component of enterprise computing is poised for major transformation.

That's the basic idea behind a new Numo chipset from NComputing that company CEO Stephen Dukker says will not only drive the cost of client systems much lower than anybody currently realizes, but will also take desktop virtualization into the world of consumer electronics devices.

The Numo chipset is designed around a family of ARM processors that will eventually reach speeds of 1GHz or higher. Sitting on top of those processors will be Windows graphics subsystems, a range of media processors, interfaces to any number of devices, and the vSpace virtualization software developed by NComputing.

What this means, says Dukker, is that for the first time you don't really need an X86 processor to effectively run X86 applications on a client. Instead, any device will be able to access a server to run Windows or Linux applications remotely off that server. Dukker says that NCcomputing will show the first implementation of this processor in products that will be on display at the forthcoming Interop show. Futhermore, he says we'll see companies such as LG Electronics and other monitor vendors rolling out products based on Numo and support from one PC manufacturer that will be bringing to market a new integrated client/server solution.

In addition, Dukker says that Asian manufacturers will be embracing Numo to bring to market a range of systems based on Google's Android operating system as well.

Dukker credits Microsoft for moving to open the virtualization market this week with its new open RemoteFX protocol, which he says will spur all kinds of innovation around the desktop that will result in a fundamental shift in the cost of client computing around chipsets such as Numo that only cost $20 to produce in quantity.

There are still a number of issues to overcome when it comes to desktop virtualization on the client. But one thing that is for sure, there is a wave of new offerings coming that all leverage system-on-a-chip (SOC) designs such as Numo that will redefine what we think a client computing device can really do.