IT Unmasked : January 2019 Archives

Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

Marconi Employs Blockchain Technologies to Create Network Overlay

31 Jan, 2019

The Developer Test Network provides developers with a sandbox where they can develop applications on top of a network overlay based on the Marconi Protocol. ...More >

Cinnamon AI Employs Machine Learning Algorithm to Digitally Convert Documents

29 Jan, 2019

Converting documents into a digital format has become a much bigger concern as organizations invest in the development of various types of AI models to automate business processes. ...More >

Verizon Launches Managed AI Service

18 Jan, 2019

Verizon has launched Digital Customer Experience, a managed service through which it will provide organizations access to bots developed by Verizon that can be trained to automate processes relating to customer service. ...More >

Urban Airship Acquires Accengage to Advance Digital Customer Engagement

16 Jan, 2019

Accengage will advance the localization efforts of Urban Airship, while Urban Airship will make investments it has been making in the realms of IoT and machine learning available to Accengage customers. ...More >

Arm Looks to Transform In-Store Shopping Experience

10 Jan, 2019

With Arm Retail, Arm is trying to extend its dominance of smartphones and other embedded systems used, for example, in digital signage and point of sale systems into the realm of advanced analytics. ...More >

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