IT Unmasked : April 2018 Archives

Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

Oracle NetSuite Looks to Bring AI to SMBs

24 Apr, 2018

Oracle NetSuite updated business intelligence modules made available as part of the cloud application suite that is now infused with machine learning algorithms. ...More >

SAP Survey Sees Machine Learning Algorithms Having a Business Impact

18 Apr, 2018

Organizations that are data driven are usually among the first early adopters of machine learning algorithms to attain a competitive advantage. ...More >

Oracle Extends Cloud Customer Experience Application Portfolio

10 Apr, 2018

AI-based capabilities that have been injected into Oracle CX applications include models to increase open rates, conversions, and customer lifetime value. ...More >

Workday Bet on Open APIs Starts to Pay Off

05 Apr, 2018

Workday has updated its human capital management (HCM) cloud applications to now include integration with Slack. ...More >

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