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Your guide to the newest and most popular IT Downloads.

Create Your Own Database Solutions Using Access 2010

27 Apr, 2012

Programmers and non-programmers alike will find a handy resource in CustomGuide's quick reference to Microsoft Access 2010. The guide gets users acquainted with new and updated features and is ...More >

Improve VDI Project Organization with Charter Template

26 Apr, 2012

While others in the IT industry either champion VDI's merits or bemoan its shortcomings, as our own Arthur Cole has watched interest wax and wane, your organization may have already committed ...More >

How to Redeploy IT Staff to New Positions

24 Apr, 2012

Picture this: You're an IT manager in the lucky position of staffing a new post within your organization. The rapid proliferation of consumer mobile tech in the workplace - the BYOD movement - has ...More >

Is Cloud Data Integration a Good Fit for Your Company?

20 Apr, 2012

Like many businesses, your organization may be weighing your options when comes to picking a cloud data integration option. You may not know if cloud DI is even an option in your circumstances. With ...More >

Keep an Eye on Your Employees' Blogging Activity

18 Apr, 2012

Unfortunately, it's a story that we've come to know: A well-known company gets its reputation tarnished - its bottom line jeopardized - by a worker who divulged too much on a personal blog, maybe ...More >

What's New in OneNote 2010?

16 Apr, 2012

OneNote's notebook-like interface is very handy for organizing information. It provides a straightforward way to corral text, images and video clips so that your inspiration doesn't get bogged down, ...More >

Getting Top iOS Development Talent: Craft a Precise Job Description

12 Apr, 2012

Mobile applications are white-hot as companies seek to capitalize on the market-on-the-move. Naturally, creators of mobile apps are much in demand, and these app developers must possess top-notch ...More >

'Quick Reference' Teaches You the Basics of Using Mac Outlook 2011

11 Apr, 2012

From IT Downloads library "all-star" CustomGuide comes yet another quick reference to shorten learning curves and boost productivity. Following guides on the 2011 versions of Excel, PowerPoint and ...More >

Got a New Galaxy Tab? 'For Dummies' Book Has You Covered

06 Apr, 2012

If your IT department has just rolled out Samsung Galaxy Tabs and you need a quick, informative guide to educate the employees on getting the most productivity out of the tablets, I recommend ...More >

'Consumerization Strategy Roadmap' Tool Helps You Plot Your Course

05 Apr, 2012

It's a fact: Personal mobile devices have made their way into your company network. Consumerization of IT is rampant, whether CIOs or CISOs like it or not. While many security and other issues exist, ...More >

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