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From regulatory compliance to corporate governance structure, everyone is involved

U.S. Utility Attacked Through Internet Accessibility

22 May, 2014

The control system of a U.S. utility was accessed through a remote access feature and brute-force tactics applied to the password authorization mechanism. ...More >

Spearphishing Quiz Quickly Demonstrates Danger

15 May, 2014

Even RSA participants didn't do all that well on McAfee's spearphishing quiz. Can your users do better? ...More >

Huntsville’s Exemplar City Model Aimed at Municipal Cybersecurity

17 Apr, 2014

Huntsville’s efforts in disaster planning will be shared with municipal governments across the U.S. through a model called Exemplar City. ...More >

Mobile Employees Frustrated with Collaboration Roadblocks

08 Apr, 2014

Addressing the problems that employees have trying to work collaboratively as they move around their own office space gives IT opportunities to demonstrate the right priorities. ...More >

Quarter of U.S. CIOs Report Having No Mobile Strategy in Place

01 Apr, 2014

Information is being delivered and consumed on mobile platforms and devices, but is there any strategy behind it? Not always. ...More >

Catalog Sprawl Stings IT Departments Trying to Do It All

18 Mar, 2014

Too many user-facing front-end tools for IT to manage efficiently and effectively creates catalog sprawl. It's a self-inflicted wound for IT. ...More >

Windows XP Crunch Time Cause for Worry

10 Mar, 2014

Recently, arguments against Microsoft’s move to try to force users off the aging XP by ending support and patching on April 8 have been dissecting the potentially negative consequences more fully. ...More >

Ovum: Telecoms Starting to Embrace Big Trust

26 Feb, 2014

The long-term potential for cementing customer loyalty makes a shift in attitude about who owns and has access to data compelling to telecom. ...More >

Turning 'Shadow IT' into 'Running the Business'

21 Feb, 2014

Rather than a loss of control, the change can be one that creates a different approach to control and uncover ways for IT to be seen as a prominent enabler of the business as a whole. ...More >

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