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The more sensitive it is, the more it warrants discussion

Rural Outsourcing CEOs Drive Business with Global Vision

03 Mar, 2010

He went on to appeal to the IT community to help narrow the gap between the rich and poor, which would in turn aid in creating a "new world order" that will be "more stable, more just and more ...More >

Online Services' Senseless Secrecy Draws Senseless Spy' Label

25 Feb, 2010

The issue of online service providers' law enforcement compliance guidelines made the headlines again this week when published a leaked copy of the granddaddy of them all, the U.S. ...More >

Every Victory Counts in H-1B Fraud Battle

24 Feb, 2010

When you're an unemployed IT worker whose job prospects have been hampered by everything from hiring freezes to age discrimination to H-1B visa abuse, it's a good day whenever you can find at least ...More >

Devil Mountain Software Hoax: No Apology, No Forgiveness

22 Feb, 2010

ZDNet was miffed. It was gearing up to break a story on Monday morning that it knew would embarrass rival publisher IDG, and it had to run a half-baked story on Sunday morning instead, after IDG ...More >

Full Disclosure: Regrets Or Not, I'm Still Using My iPhone

19 Feb, 2010

My previous post,"Why I Regret Buying an iPhone," in which I wrote about the ramifications of Apple's almost psychotic obsession with secrecy, begs an uncomfortable question. Have I stopped ...More >

Why I Regret Buying an iPhone

18 Feb, 2010

I have an iPhone, but if I had it to do over again, I would never have bought one.   It works just fine; I haven't experienced the problems with AT&T that a lot of iPhone owners complain ...More >

Economic Upheaval Changes Meaning of 'Diversity'

17 Feb, 2010

Discussions of diversity in the workplace tend to fall into two buckets. They're either robotic proceedings in which requisite, if fleeting, attention is paid to providing an inclusive environment ...More >

Rural Sourcing: Why IT Inbreeding' Is Unhealthy

15 Feb, 2010

In my post, last week, I mentioned that the agenda of this week's 2010 Outsourcing World Summit in Orlando includes a presentation by the CEO of Rural Sourcing Inc., a company that promotes rural ...More >

Domestic Sourcing: Overcoming the 'India of the United States' Stigma

10 Feb, 2010

Question: What happens when you depict the people doing IT work at offshore locations as brain-dead, incompetent misfits who lack any substantive talent? Answer: It might come back to bite you when ...More >

Centralized Training May Be Answer to Replace-or-Retrain Dilemma

09 Feb, 2010

One of the toughest challenges facing public companies in this country is figuring out how to satisfy Wall Street without decimating their loyal but costly workforces. I've met no one who has defined ...More >

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