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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Cisco Looks to Improve Cloud Security

03 May, 2010

Computing in the cloud can be risky business. As Kara Reeder reported recently, only about a quarter of enterprises have cloud security procedures in place.   Recognizing that the way businesses ...More >

The Source of All That Spam Dwells Among Us

30 Apr, 2010

We talked about how spam can hurt the company brand. But where is the spam coming from?   According to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 8, the bulk of the spam infilitrating our ...More >

More Security-Related Problems for XP

26 Apr, 2010

April hasn't been a good month for anyone who uses Windows XP and is concerned about computer security. On Friday I talked about the McAfee update glitch that crashed computers around the world. ...More >

The Takeaway from the McAfee Update Fiasco

23 Apr, 2010

You probably heard about McAfee's update glitch, where a buggy update caused Windows XP computers to crash. As reported on CNET News: The problem affected customers worldwide, including chipmaker ...More >

The Debate About Passwords

21 Apr, 2010

Passwords to protect computer-based data have been around, well, forever, and it seems like every day, someone is asking me to create a user ID and password to visit a site. In tandem, the age-old ...More >

What Is Cyber Crime?

19 Apr, 2010

A comment to my post, Dangers of Cyber Crime on the Rise, asked: What exactly is cyber crime?   It's a good question. Cyber crime is a term that gets tossed about freely, but as Symantec stated, ...More >

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly News about Data Breaches

14 Apr, 2010

We'll start with the good news: 2009 had the fewest reported data breach incidents over the past four years, according to a report by Perimeter E-Security. The bad news: 2009 had the highest totals ...More >

How Social Media Helps with Security

13 Apr, 2010

Over the past months, I've written quite a bit about the security threats that lurk in social media. Let's face it, social media, while essential in today's business world, can also be a mine field ...More >

Examining Network Forensics

12 Apr, 2010

Computer forensics have long focused on the end point, like the hard drive or cell phone, where the data is static. Forensics through the network, however, where information is transient and there ...More >

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