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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Full 5G Not Just Around the Corner

17 Oct, 2017

It is still too early to say with any certainty how 5G will roll out, but news items and commentary during the past few weeks reinforce the idea that the rush toward 5G is accelerating. ...More >

Perhaps Autonomous Vehicles’ Estimated Time of Arrival Should Be Pushed Back

16 Oct, 2017

Many questions remain, on many different topics and levels of difficulty, about autonomous vehicles. Perhaps it would be wise to take our foot off the gas pedal until these questions are answered. ...More >

DoJ Could Nix a Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

13 Oct, 2017

T-Mobile and Sprint, the third and fourth largest wireless companies, have been discussing merging for a long time. Those talks have heated up recently. ...More >

MEF, ONAP Collaborate to Make Virtualization Work Across Discrete Networks

13 Oct, 2017

Making virtualization work across carrier domains is a vital piece of the overall puzzle. The MEF, with the help of ONAP, are working to meet that challenge. ...More >

AT&T Virtualizes XGS-PON OLTs with VOLTHA 1.0

10 Oct, 2017

AT&T took a significant step by providing the Optical Networking Foundation (ONF) with version 1.0 of its VOLTHA specification. ...More >

Telecommunications Facing Many Energy Challenges

09 Oct, 2017

The relationship between telecommunications and energy holds many tensions and sweeping threats. ...More >

AT&T, Verizon Lead Fiber Spending in the U.S. and Want People to Know It

06 Oct, 2017

It may not be surprising to learn that AT&T and Verizon are spending the most money on fiber in the United States. What is noteworthy may be that they are being public about it. ...More >

Tackling the Challenges to NFV Deployment

05 Oct, 2017

Deploying virtualization is very complex by itself. The task of transitioning legacy networks built over decades to operate quite differently makes the task even more difficult. ...More >

Mobile Augmented Reality Could Be Next Killer App

04 Oct, 2017

Mobile AR seems poised to be the killer app that the mobile sector has been seeking for years. ...More >

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean?

03 Oct, 2017

What is artificial intelligence? It is a deceptively simple question. Quite possibly, the confusion is centered on the precise use of the word intelligence. ...More >

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