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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

IP App Revolution Means Changes in Networks

25 Aug, 2006

The very act of sending an e-mail (not to mention a song or a video) from point A to point B is incredibly complicated. This complexity is exacerbated when the core techniques used to push the bits ...More >

Is Cellular Security Following a Horror Flick Script?

23 Aug, 2006

The descent into insecure cellular networking seems to be gradual, not dramatic. The hype surrounding wired vulnerabilities has been mind-numbing for years. If it isn't viruses, it's Trojans. If it ...More >

The Contact Center Spells out the Case for Convergence

22 Aug, 2006

Perhaps nowhere is the great potential of voice and data convergence -- and the difference between it and older technologies -- laid out as clearly as in the contact center.   It's clear that IP ...More >

Municipalities, Telcos Battle over Franchising

18 Aug, 2006

A very important battle is ongoing between municipalities and the phone companies which, under the right regulatory conditions, are promising them the many convergence benefits of fiber optics. The ...More >

The Biggest Security Threat: Employees

17 Aug, 2006

IT folks must often just want to give up and go home when confronted with the reality that much, if not most, data loss can be blamed on users' carelessness. Sure, the bad guys are there to help -- ...More >

Lineage a Factor in Picking a VoIP Provider

17 Aug, 2006

Welcome to the VoIP industries.   Companies thinking of deploying VoIP -- in other words, just about every company out there -- should track the great differentiation that stems from the ...More >

Big FCC Auction Winner? Convergence

16 Aug, 2006

Here's a tag line that the New York State Lottery used for years: "You Gotta Be In It to Win It." Apparently, a lot of companies with big wallets remember the slogan. Experts are saying that bidding ...More >

Do Last Week's Terror Arrests Make Laptops Even More Vulnerable?

14 Aug, 2006

Last week's terrorist plot arrests in the UK have led officials there to mandate that laptops and other electronic devices be stored in the cargo holds of aircraft. This is a new reality that IT ...More >

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