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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

eLearning: The Latest Use of Broadband Networks

19 Sep, 2006

Processor reports that the eLearning sector has been reborn with the help of approaches and technology that have emerged during the past few years. IT departments better pay attention, because their ...More >

Mobility and Security Change Each Other

14 Sep, 2006

Wireless security products and procedures are fundamentally changing what until recently was a wired, office-bound sector.   There are a lot of examples. This week, Symantec and Juniper ...More >

Incremental News Suggests Real Progress

12 Sep, 2006

In business, subtle gains are as valid an indicator of progress as big news. Perhaps more so. Big announcements -- company acquisitions, lab breakthroughs, huge contracts -- generally are conceptual ...More >

Five Years After 9/11: Is Our Communications Infrastructure More Sound?

11 Sep, 2006

The anniversary of 9/11 brings up all sorts of searing memories; it's also important to consider how much progress has been made since then. If first responders had suitable mobile communications ...More >

New Mobile Security Spec Is Step to Tackle Threat Head-On

07 Sep, 2006

The Trusted Computer Group reportedly will use the CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment show this month to introduce a spec designed to increase the security of mobile devices.   The heart of the ...More >

Down with Web 2.0

05 Sep, 2006

Since this blog covers VoIP, interactivity and other emerging technology platforms, it would be natural for us to be big fans of Web 2.0.   We're not.   That doesn't mean, however, we are ...More >

Dueling Platforms, Happy Users

01 Sep, 2006

Initiatives to provide mobile multimedia and convergence services are rolling out after years of development.   The big winners undoubtedly are consumers and businesses. The dynamics shape up ...More >

Sensitive Data Lost As Mobile Devices Leave Company Control

30 Aug, 2006

A study we've already referenced proved that a lot of sensitive data is freely available on discarded hard drives.   It's reasonable to extrapolate that there are perhaps even more serious ...More >

How Good Is VoIP Call Quality? It Depends On Who You Ask

29 Aug, 2006

Does VoIP offer better, equal or poorer quality than traditional phone service? It definitely depends on who you ask.   Two surveys provide very different views of VoIP service acceptance. The ...More >

Windows Mobile Users: Be Careful, Be Very Careful

28 Aug, 2006

Security pros should pay close attention to a report released several weeks ago by Airscanner that slammed Microsoft's Windows Mobile software as insecure.   One of the key takeaways is that ...More >

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