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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Mobile VoIP: It's a Win-Win-Win

04 Oct, 2006

Mobile VoIP is an inevitability. Consumers get the convenience of a dual-purpose handset that works on the cellular network or, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, connects to the Internet when that makes more ...More >

Government Wireless Systems: Do We Need Security 101?

03 Oct, 2006

A report from the GTC East gave government IT attendees all the wireless security talking points that corporate personnel are used to hearing: the need for encryption, the importance of proper ...More >

IM VoIP, the Next Big Thing, Draws Nearer

01 Oct, 2006

There's a lot of back and forth in this story about the internal plumbing of instant messaging VoIP services. The issue is which systems are "open." This is an important topic because such systems ...More >

VoIP Call Quality Must Equal PSTN

28 Sep, 2006

The Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is the subjective scale by which telephone network end user quality is measured. According to a TechNewsWorld story, providers of traditional network services aim for ...More >

How Bright Are Laptop Snatchers?

28 Sep, 2006

Our first reaction upon hearing that another laptop loaded with sensitive information had disappeared -- in this case, from GE -- was resignation.   In this case, about 50,000 employees' private ...More >

Is It Necessary to Protect Wireless Networks?

27 Sep, 2006

We seldom read anything that totally surprises us, but a short item written by Paul Thurrott at Connected Home did the trick.   Thurrott, a well known computer journalist and Windows expert, ...More >

VoIP: Here Come the Networks

26 Sep, 2006

It's understandable that virtually all the headlines surrounding VoIP involve services aimed at consumers or business end users.   There is another dimension to VoIP, however, that deserves ...More >

Making BlackBerries Safer Relies on Users First

22 Sep, 2006

The Toronto Star describes an application that has been filed with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office by Research In Motion for technology that will add an extra layer of security to its ...More >

The Frightening Mobile Security Disconnect

21 Sep, 2006

The reluctance of employees to use what security is available to them always has been a problem. That problem -- which is well described in an article by Dale Vile, the research director of Britain's ...More >

Intel/UC Research Could Lead to Super Fast PCs

21 Sep, 2006

The developments reported in this Mercury News story won't have much impact for about six or seven years. But once it kicks in, well, just hold on.   As every junior high school kid knows, ...More >

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