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Google Engineer Gets $3.5 Million in Stock to Stay

15 Nov, 2010

Google seems to have created a monster. (OK, more than one, but this is the one I'm writing about.) It's going to great lengths to keep its employees from defecting to companies such as Facebook. Now ...More >

Webinars Let You Pick IT Recruiter's Brain

15 Nov, 2010

Minnesota Headhunter blogger Paul DeBettignies is offering online seminars called "Be Your Own Headhunter," with sessions Wednesday and Nov. 26. He is charging $30 for the 2 1/2-hour sessions, though ...More >

Lessons on Decision-Making From the Hive

12 Nov, 2010

After my earlier post today about useless buzzwords on resumes, I'm struggling with the urge to get all punny in this one. (I'll try to resist.)   It seems Thomas Seeley, a professor of biology ...More >

Let's Talk About IT Careers -- Yours

11 Nov, 2010

I'm so pleased to be launching this blog about IT careers. Jobs. Boy, that's what it all comes down to these days, isn't it, especially in these uncertain economic times. But this blog will not just ...More >

Will New Jobs Office Bring More Vets into Government IT?

11 Nov, 2010

In a Washington Post story about the ribbon-cutting on a Veterans Employment Program Office within the federal Office of Personnel Management, agency director John Berry says the best way to honor ...More >

What is Cloud Talent? Microsoft Floats its Expectations

11 Nov, 2010

All that buzz about the move to cloud computing at times becomes just a dull roar as all those words fly over our heads. So we're told that the cloud will be huge within the next five years, but what ...More >

Use Google to Interview at Google

11 Nov, 2010

So a reader asked Business Insider about preparing for an interview with Google: I have an interview-telephone-with an Engineering Recruiter at Google NY, for a Software Engineering position. Any ...More >

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