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SAP Creating Opportunities with Autism at Work Program

22 Apr, 2014

SAP plans to hire more than 600 people with autism by 2020, or 1 percent of its global workforce. ...More >

Cisco CIO Replaces Reviews with Focused Group Sessions

18 Apr, 2014

It’s a simple but significant change to a process that vexes employees, managers and HR. ...More >

SAP Expands OpenSAP MOOCs to Business Learners

07 Apr, 2014

Initially built around courses for developers, OpenSAP course offerings are now growing to include classes to serve customers, partners, developers and students. ...More >

List of Big Data Certifications Growing Quickly

26 Mar, 2014

Big Data-related training and certification opportunities are booming among vendors, higher education institutions and more. ...More >

Workplace Perks for Hot IT Jobs

21 Mar, 2014

What are employers offering to spice up their job listings in the hottest skill areas? ...More >

IT Pros Shelling Out for Their Own Training

17 Mar, 2014

Respondents to a recent survey who are planning to complete training in 2014 said they are footing the bill about half the time. ...More >

Making Meetings Worthwhile

11 Mar, 2014

Tweaking two or three approaches to goals that you feel are consistently hard to meet first could clear up some of the meeting anxiety for everyone and leave room to concentrate on other improvements. ...More >

More Mentors Needed for Women in STEM

07 Mar, 2014

National organizations are adding mentorship programs and more participants are needed to address the shortfall of female STEM professionals in the U.S. ...More >

Class-Action Suit Claims Silicon Valley No-Poaching Agreements Hurt Hiring

04 Mar, 2014

The suit claims that CEOs at some of the largest Silicon Valley tech firms tried to keep their agreements secret for years. ...More >

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