Big Data Lessons from the Real World

25 Nov, 2013

What’s it really like to do a Big Data project, if you're not, say, Google?  

Using Big Data to Play Digital Matchmaker on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

25 Nov, 2013

DigiWorks creates individualized shopping experiences using customer information and big data to match up consumers with retailers.

Vendors Unveil Amazon EMR Integration Tool, Revamped for Non-Coders

22 Nov, 2013

This week, Syncsort released Ironcluster data integration engine, while MuleSoft and Jitterbit both announced new platforms.

Who Should 'Own' Integration?

22 Nov, 2013

Should IT own integration work? Or should it empower citizen developers to deal with today's never-ending data integration needs?

Four Starting Questions for Supporting Big Data Analytics

18 Nov, 2013

For many companies, Big Data analytics is still a new concept, so to drive proper adoption, four questions can help decide structural support.

Imation Rises to Big Data Storage Cost Challenge

18 Nov, 2013

Imation has introduced a new storage array, Nexsan E-Series V, aimed at supplying enterprise-grade storage at a lower cost.

Information Governance: A Great Idea That Few Are Willing to Do Well

15 Nov, 2013

Though a survey show organizations understand data governance, it also shows that very few companies take it seriously.

IBM Opens Up Watson, and More Importantly, Watson’s Data Stores

14 Nov, 2013

IBM has made big news for Big Data by opening up supercomputer Watson and its data stores to app providers.

Oracle Extends Reach of Big Data Warehouse

12 Nov, 2013

Oracle has announced a new Big Data Appliance X4-2 and its partnership with Cloudera in the Sentry project for Apache Hadoop.

New Report Outlines Eight Hadoop Best Practices

11 Nov, 2013

A new report from TDWI fills in those gaps you might have when you think about deploying Hadoop by giving eight best practices.

Acunu Brings Real-Time Operational Intelligence to Cassandra

11 Nov, 2013

Acunu is providing one of the first analytics applications that is optimized to take advantage of Cassandra NoSQL databases.

The Business Intelligence of Putting BI in the Cloud

08 Nov, 2013

Brad Peters, CEO of Birst, explains how his cloud-based business intelligence service works better and makes more sense than other BI software options.

Alpine Data Analytics App Works Directly Against Hadoop

07 Nov, 2013

It’s conceivable that IT may one day be out of the data warehouse business altogether.

Gainsight Embeds Big Data Analytics Within CRM Apps

06 Nov, 2013

Gainsight today announced that its next generation embedded analytics tool includes access to Big Data analytics within CRM apps.

Six Reasons Businesses Need to Pay Attention to Unstructured Data

05 Nov, 2013

When unstructured data is properly analyzed, it can yield rich information about customers, markets and products.  

The Case for Reorganizing IT for Hybrid Environments

05 Nov, 2013

Perhaps the integration challenges of cloud are unique enough to swing the pendulum toward decentralized IT, at least for the foreseeable future.

How to Decide Whether You Need a Chief Data Officer

04 Nov, 2013

The recent creation of the title of chief data officer sparks some debate over when an enterprise truly needs such a role.

October Was a Busy Month for Big Data Tools

01 Nov, 2013

The month of October saw many updates in Big Data tools, a Hadoop charity offering, and more news on the Internet of Things.

Night of the Living Dead Data

31 Oct, 2013

Is unused, supposedly dead, data haunting your systems?

EMC Partners with RainStor to Compress Big Data

31 Oct, 2013

EMC and RainStor have partnered to provide the ability to compress Big Data and store it on NAS that is running a Hadoop distributed file system.

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