Alteryx Aims to Simplify Data Discovery

08 Jun, 2017

Bob Laurent, vice president of product marketing at Alteryx, says Alteryx Connect will make it possible for business users to more easily explore multiple data sources regardless of physical location.

Databricks Marries Apache Spark to Serverless Computing

07 Jun, 2017

Databricks CTO Matei Zaharia says announcements are intended to reduce the amount of time it takes for organizations to start getting return on their investments in Apache Spark.

Sumo Logic Extends Machine Data Analytics Reach

07 Jun, 2017

Sumo Logic has altered the licensing terms under which it provides access to its cloud service to provide organizations with a Sumo Cloud Flex option under which terms can be negotiated based on the use case for the data.

Oracle Enhances Cloud Security Service Using Machine Learning Algorithms

05 Jun, 2017

Via this update, Oracle is essentially helping organizations to reduce their risks by relying more on machines to identify potential threats.

Tableau Applies Machine Learning Algorithms to Analytics

02 Jun, 2017

Dustin Smith, competitive intelligence manager for Tableau, says that as analytics tools make greater use of these types of algorithms, end users will be less dependent on reports generated by IT using traditional data warehouse platforms.

IPsoft Advances Cognitive Capabilities of Amelia Bot

02 Jun, 2017

IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube says the ability to analyze data in real time is crucial to giving Amelia the ability to engage in a conversational dialogue with an end user.

Cloudera Launches PaaS Environment for Big Data Apps

26 May, 2017

The Altus PaaS environment should substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to stand up a Big Data application.

SAP Extends Analytics Portfolio

17 May, 2017

While SAP continues to offer a broad range of analytics applications that can be purchased separately, long term, SAP is betting that analytics will increasing be embedded into transaction processing applications such as S/4HANA.

Informatica Applies AI to Integration

16 May, 2017

Informatica today at the Informatica World 2017 conference announced the time has come to use artificial intelligence to automate application and data integration.

ASCI Automates Big Data Workflows

05 May, 2017

Version 11 of ActiveBatch applies an event-driven automation framework to moving data in and out of various components of a Hadoop cluster.

CA Technologies Employs Advanced Algorithms to Thwart Credit Card Fraud

04 May, 2017

As the ability to apply machine and deep learning algorithms against massive amounts of data in real time improves, the opportunity to commit fraudulent credit card transactions should be sharply reduced.

Syncsort Partners with Compuware to Analyze Mainframe Log Data

02 May, 2017

Syncsort developed Ironstream to make it feasible to move massive amounts of data typically associated with Big Data projects across the enterprise.

How IBM Watson Could Reduce Harassment and Bullying Behavior

28 Apr, 2017

IBM’s recent epiphany is that AI should be used to enhance, not replace, people. Perhaps another application could be reducing abusive behavior.

Infosys Aims to Make Advanced AI Technologies More Accessible

27 Apr, 2017

With Infosys Nia, rather than requiring IT to separately license everything from deep and machine learning algorithms to natural language processing engines, IT gains access to a suite of AI technologies that it can deploy anywhere.

IBM Watson Cloud to Analyze Streams of Video

27 Apr, 2017

IBM expects to make it possible for any organization to analyze what’s occurring in multiple video streams across multiple languages in real time, right down to the tone of the audio.

Quantum Simplifies Management of Large Data Sets

21 Apr, 2017

StorNext6 enables IT to employ FlexSync replication to more intelligently move data between on-premise IT environments using any type of storage medium and cloud computing environments without having to deploy dedicated cloud gateways.

Is the Cloud the Best Place for Analytics?

21 Apr, 2017

As with any tool in the toolbox, the value of analytics is not based on how well it’s made, but how well it’s used.

Power Trio: AI, Big Data and the IoT

19 Apr, 2017

The IoT and artificial intelligence, often supported by Big Data, will combine, overlap and in other ways systematically drive telecommunications and enterprise IT forward during the coming years.

Sisense Embeds Machine Learning Algorithms Within BI Application

17 Apr, 2017

Sisense is adding machine learning algorithms to analyze patterns within specific sets of data within a business intelligence application that doesn’t require data to be exported to a separate platform.

The Implicit AI Warning and United: Don’t Assure the Data at Your Peril

12 Apr, 2017

As we create ever more capable AI systems that can emulate human thinking, we have to be careful that it isn’t just the speed of the decisions that is being enhanced.

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