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John Storts

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John Storts worked as an editor and technical writer specializing in software documentation before joining IT Business Edge. He currently moderates and blogs for IT Downloads.

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Cloud Vendor vs. Cloud Broker: What's the Difference?

29 Jun, 2012

With all the hoopla surrounding the cloud, it can be hard to keep all the acronyms, phrases and terms straight.

...More >

How to Manage Portable Device Risks

20 Jun, 2012

Portable devices have already invaded the workplace, and, most of the time, this a good thing. Thumb drives, tablets, audio players, e-readers and media cards give workers easy access to personal and business data wherever they are. Yet, with all that convenient access comes a lot of risk, both to personal and business data

...More >

13 Questions to Assess Your Document Security Needs

31 May, 2012

You may have a vague notion of the need to put document security controls in place, but where to start? Info-Tech Research Group's Document Security Needs Assessment Tool gives you a solid starting...More >

Yahoo's Axis Search Browser Revolves Around the Mobile Web

30 May, 2012

strikes back in the Browser Wars. The company's Axis search tool, as CultofMac describes...More >

Social Media: Setting Thought Leader Expectations, Establishing Guidelines

21 May, 2012

If you have thought leaders, also known as subject matter experts (SMEs), in your company, they have likely taken to Twitter, Wordpress, Facebook and other social media to share their knowledge,...More >

Book Excerpt Reveals 'Innovation's Seven Deadly Sins'

17 May, 2012

While "the seven deadly sins" usually refers to the biblical code-of-conduct prohibitions, author and Innosight Asia-Pacific managing director Scott D. Anthony employs them in a unique way to the...More >

Using Social Media to Achieve Your Business Goals

16 May, 2012

Concise and to the point, Info-Tech Research Group's "Social Media Opportunity Assessment Tool" provides a focused jumping-off point for social media resource allocation decisions. As the head...More >

PM Tools Keep Your IT Project on the Rails

10 May, 2012

The IT Downloads library (follow us on Twitter) saves the day. An SEO "oracle," a family member, came to me looking for help. He expanded his operation by adding an intern of sorts after already...More >

Apple iOS Update: The 411 on 5.1.1

08 May, 2012

Applevangelists rejoice: Cupertino released iOS 5.1.1 yesterday with much fanfare. Actually, the update was a relatively small one (in physical size and scope) at under 60MB for an iPhone 4S, but it...More >

Resume Faux Pas: Yahoo CEO Should Read Jeff Havens' 'How to Get Fired!'

04 May, 2012

IT pundits' fingers, both for typing and wagging, are working overtime, weighing in on Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson's resume "mistake." Apparently, Thompson has been listing himself as having...More >

New Windows 8 Security Features Welcome, If Controversial

03 May, 2012

With the tentative release date of October of this year, Windows 8 is breathlessly awaited by the IT community. Early reports, including those by our own Rob Enderle and Paul Mah, are generally...More >

Quick Reference: Explore SharePoint 2010

02 May, 2012

SharePoint, Microsoft's multi-faceted Web application platform, was revamped nearly two years ago, but that doesn't mean that every enterprise jumped aboard. With the weak economy and related...More >

Create Your Own Database Solutions Using Access 2010

27 Apr, 2012

Programmers and non-programmers alike will find a handy resource in CustomGuide's quick reference to Microsoft Access 2010. The guide gets users acquainted with new and updated features and is...More >

Improve VDI Project Organization with Charter Template

26 Apr, 2012

While others in the IT industry either champion VDI's merits or bemoan its shortcomings, as our own Arthur Cole has watched interest wax and wane, your organization may have already committed...More >

How to Redeploy IT Staff to New Positions

24 Apr, 2012

Picture this: You're an IT manager in the lucky position of staffing a new post within your organization. The rapid proliferation of consumer mobile tech in the workplace - the BYOD movement - has...More >

Is Cloud Data Integration a Good Fit for Your Company?

20 Apr, 2012

Like many businesses, your organization may be weighing your options when comes to picking a cloud data integration option. You may not know if cloud DI is even an option in your circumstances. With...More >

More than 140,000 Macs Still Infected by Flashback

19 Apr, 2012

For years, Apple and Apple acolytes have been fond of smugly boasting that the Mac is nearly invincible when it comes to malware. That era is drawing to a close.   Earlier this month, IT...More >

Keep an Eye on Your Employees' Blogging Activity

18 Apr, 2012

Unfortunately, it's a story that we've come to know: A well-known company gets its reputation tarnished - its bottom line jeopardized - by a worker who divulged too much on a personal blog, maybe...More >

HP's ProCurve Switches Bundled with Compact Flash Virus

17 Apr, 2012

In a recent security bulletin released by HP, the company acknowledged that its ProCurve 5400 zi switches contained virus-infected compact flash cards. As reported by CRN, the virus-laden CF cards...More >

What's New in OneNote 2010?

16 Apr, 2012

OneNote's notebook-like interface is very handy for organizing information. It provides a straightforward way to corral text, images and video clips so that your inspiration doesn't get bogged down,...More >

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