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Isolating Sensitive Bits of 'Big Data' Key to Compliance

13 Jun, 2012

"Big Data" is the latest buzzword to sweep through enterprise IT, and - as you might expect - it is projected to affect everything your company does. Not surprisingly, the "Big Data" conversation is

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Deviance Is Never Normal, Even When You Get Away with It

07 Jun, 2012

Regardless of how much capital you sink into risk management technology and systems, the underpinnings of your GRC success is going to boil down to the riskiest of commodities: human diligence. It's

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Make Full Use of Excel's Charting Features with These Tips

31 Oct, 2011

Microsoft Excel 2010 is one of the most powerful desktop applications ever released. It's so powerful, in fact, that many companies overly rely on the spreadsheet for data management tasks that are...More >

Tip Sheet Introduces Benefits of Microsoft Visio

28 Oct, 2011

Microsoft Visio has been the industry standard software for creating flowcharts and network diagrams for well over a decade. As with all the Office suite applications, Visio has evolved beyond its...More >

Getting Started with the Cloud Is Pretty Simple, After All

25 Oct, 2011

If you read three blog posts about business technology, you are likely to be told how the "cloud" has already changed everything, and is about to change everything again. However, you aren't likely...More >

'Home' Routers Can Work for Business, but Be Careful

24 Oct, 2011

The term "home router" is almost an oxymoron these days. Organizations of all sizes rely on consumer-grade wireless networking equipment; it's just much easier (and, at least initially, cheaper) to...More >

Keep IT Capacity Planning as Granular as Possible

20 Oct, 2011

A big factor in ensuring that your IT team is able to meet changing business demands is having a firm handle on the capacity of your current infrastructure. You don't want to get blindsided with the...More >

Checklist Makes Tough Task of Letting an Employee Go a Little Smoother

19 Oct, 2011

Sometimes a company has to let an employee go. It's an unpleasant reality of doing business, but it is a reality. And if you don't follow a fixed protocol when severing an employee, you could be...More >

Mobility Dictates a Total Shift in Business Planning

18 Oct, 2011

The most obvious benefits of mobile technology are, well, obvious. It's a great productivity booster when employees can check on an order status from the road.   However, as mobile tech becomes...More >

How to Sell Yourself as an IT Consultant

14 Oct, 2011

IT consultants tend to be good at technology - implementing ERP systems, designing database schema, devising network security schemes. What they aren't particularly good at is letting potential

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Disaster Planning Requires Standardization, Prioritization

13 Oct, 2011

Disaster recovery is one of the most pressing issues facing IT departments. Time is money, after all, and the longer your key business systems take to recover from unexpected outages or outright...More >

Scheduling to Match Your Project and Your Culture

12 Oct, 2011

The two most scrutinized aspects of a project are whether it came in on budget and on schedule. We discussed yesterday the wisdom of including a contingency fund in your financials for the inevitable...More >

Plan and Track Contingency Fund for Clearer Project Visibility

11 Oct, 2011

Last week, we discussed the unenviable position of being asked to "sharpen" your project cost estimates to match unrealistic high-level budget figures - a corner that all project managers...More >

Your Neck Doesn't Need to Be the Only One in the Budgeting Noose

10 Oct, 2011

The struggle to determine exactly who owns a project is the heart and soul of that ongoing headache we call "IT-business alignment." Our Ann All discusses the frustrations CIOs expressed at a recent...More >

Stress the Importance of IT with These Report Templates

06 Oct, 2011

Juggling the wide range of projects your team has under way is a monumental task on its own terms.   Making sure everybody else in the company knows how great your guys are at juggling all those...More >

Tips on Not Stabbing Yourself with a 'Sharpened' Project Estimate

05 Oct, 2011

This may come as a surprise to some, but executives (including the CTO) tend to gloss over details as they compile their annual budgets. Once the IT team gets into the weeds of planning for an actual...More >

Project Tracker Keeps You on Top of Entire Scope of Project

04 Oct, 2011

Project management tools come in all shapes, sizes and sophistications. Most PMs rely on pretty advanced scheduling and contingency tools, such as MS Project or the Web-based Tom's Planner, but...More >

Project Scheduling: Leave Time for the Important Stuff

03 Oct, 2011

Project Scheduling: Leave Time for the Important Stuff | Blogs | ITBusinessEdge.com

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Structured Workflow Brings 'Sanity' to Project Estimates, Planning

30 Sep, 2011

In today's "agile" and "extreme" development cultures, it's easy for team members' roles to become a little blurred as a project advances. But even in a flexible environment, there still needs to be...More >

Harden 'Soft ROI' Projections with Research, Prototyping

29 Sep, 2011

Business cases for large projects require a lot of work. Yesterday we looked at a 66-page sample business case for a data warehouse project. Finances are, of course, fundamental to any project. They...More >

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