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IBM Creates Servers Specifically Targeting AI

08 Dec, 2017

AI is coming, and it likely will be one of the biggest differentiators between firms that are well managed and provide responsive services at scale over those that do not.

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Qualcomm and the Birth of the Always Connected PC

06 Dec, 2017

Qualcomm is attempting to change the dynamic, making this about connectivity, not about the CPU performance, which has generally defined this segment since its inception.

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Should You Avoid Social Media to Protect Your Future Career?

30 Nov, 2017

The things we are posting on social media today will be part of our file in the future and once in, we will likely never be able to get them out.

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HP Inc. vs. HPE: Lessons the Industry Does Not Want to Learn

29 Nov, 2017

When you form a team, the team should be formed around the leader. It does not matter how good the people are if they either will not follow the leader or cannot function together.

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Why HR and Unions are Failing to Protect Against Harassment and Sexual Predators

22 Nov, 2017

We tend to focus on blame rather than understanding and fixing problems and it is easy to blame unions, which may lose members, and especially HR, which could see purges.

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Resetting for Below Zero Tolerance on Sexual Harassment

21 Nov, 2017

Avoid companies, managers and execs who behave inappropriately, not only because they could behave inappropriately with you but because you could become part of the collateral damage.

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Bill Gates’ City of Tomorrow: Can He Do What Disney Could Not?

17 Nov, 2017

Bill Gates has control over the outcome of his futuristic city idea, because technology has advanced to a level that makes the overall vision more viable.

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John Chen: Messages from the BlackBerry Keynote

14 Nov, 2017

Follow the BlackBerry focus on security because it will help you properly prioritize the classes of system that are mostly likely to be breached.

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Broadcom Qualcomm Merger: A Tragedy in Four Acts

10 Nov, 2017

Elements of a good merger range from assuring the scope of the acquiring company is broad enough to cover the acquisition to assuring there is a process that will not destroy the acquired company. Those elements do not exist here.

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Intel and AMD Coopetition: I Am Thinking Hell Just Froze Over

06 Nov, 2017

Done right, coopetition creates opportunities for all parties that would not exist otherwise and can reduce competitive inefficiencies.

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HP Takes Printers into Space: How Printing Became Relevant Again

01 Nov, 2017

HP has increased its investment in printing and been able to show growth in what was thought to be a terminally declining business.

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Delaying Windows 10 Rollouts Is Playing Russian Roulette with Your Employees

27 Oct, 2017

Microsoft is aggressively pushing out Windows 10 patches, because the speed at which the attackers are adjusting their attack vectors is unprecedented.

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Lenovo, Intel and the FIDO Alliance Finally Move to Kill Off the Password

26 Oct, 2017

Thanks to Lenovo, Intel and FIDO, passwords finally may be on their way to becoming well and truly dead.

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The Unspoken Problem with Salary Inequality: It Can’t Be Fixed by Policy

20 Oct, 2017

At the heart of this problem is that we still do not have an objective baseline for what a specific job is worth, except for a few high-value jobs where the salary is based on high demand and low availability.

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The Key Skill That Will Assure Survival in the Coming Second Machine Age

17 Oct, 2017

Rather than training to do one thing, we instead train to be good at being trained. This will reduce our fear of change, increase our abilities to move to new opportunities, and massively reduce our stress when faced with a critical change.

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AeroFarms: The Most Interesting Dell IoT Example

13 Oct, 2017

AeroFarms likely highlights best the kind of potential for the IoT effort that Dell Technologies is trying to roll out.

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Dell’s IQT Day: Driving the Next Industrial Revolution at Frightening Speed

10 Oct, 2017

The amount of resources Dell is focusing on this IoT effort is unprecedented in the space and it is becoming a showcase for Dell Technologies the company.

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Google’s Interesting AI Shift and the Potential End of Freedom

06 Oct, 2017

The AI-first model is clearly the path that the world has been on for some time and Google has just expressed a desire to lead us down that path.

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New iPhones Breaking and iOS 11 Problems: What Happened to Apple?

03 Oct, 2017

The number of quality problems for Apple, particularly this close to the end of the year, is nearly unprecedented.

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NVIDIA Showcases Solution for City-Scale Security Problem

27 Sep, 2017

We need systems that can scan massive amounts of video in real time, index people in the footage, and supply the video history of a suspect once the face is identified. This is what the NVIDIA solution potentially will do.

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