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The Unspoken Problem with Salary Inequality: It Can’t Be Fixed by Policy

20 Oct, 2017

At the heart of this problem is that we still do not have an objective baseline for what a specific job is worth, except for a few high-value jobs where the salary is based on high demand and low availability.

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The Key Skill That Will Assure Survival in the Coming Second Machine Age

17 Oct, 2017

Rather than training to do one thing, we instead train to be good at being trained. This will reduce our fear of change, increase our abilities to move to new opportunities, and massively reduce our stress when faced with a critical change.

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AeroFarms: The Most Interesting Dell IoT Example

13 Oct, 2017

AeroFarms likely highlights best the kind of potential for the IoT effort that Dell Technologies is trying to roll out.

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Dell’s IQT Day: Driving the Next Industrial Revolution at Frightening Speed

10 Oct, 2017

The amount of resources Dell is focusing on this IoT effort is unprecedented in the space and it is becoming a showcase for Dell Technologies the company.

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Google’s Interesting AI Shift and the Potential End of Freedom

06 Oct, 2017

The AI-first model is clearly the path that the world has been on for some time and Google has just expressed a desire to lead us down that path.

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New iPhones Breaking and iOS 11 Problems: What Happened to Apple?

03 Oct, 2017

The number of quality problems for Apple, particularly this close to the end of the year, is nearly unprecedented.

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NVIDIA Showcases Solution for City-Scale Security Problem

27 Sep, 2017

We need systems that can scan massive amounts of video in real time, index people in the footage, and supply the video history of a suspect once the face is identified. This is what the NVIDIA solution potentially will do.

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Intel’s Loihi: In a Decade, Your Smartphone Will Gain Human-Like Intelligence

25 Sep, 2017

Assuming normal development cycles, by this time next decade, we’ll likely be up to our armpits in machines that are arguably smarter than we are.

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Microsoft HoloLens, Ford and Forgotten Best Practices for Creating Successful Offerings

21 Sep, 2017

In VR, AR, and mixed reality efforts, too many use consumer-grade hardware and incomplete solutions to address opportunities that are ill-defined and way too numerous.

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The Biggest Problem for Kaspersky Lab and Those Who Use It

19 Sep, 2017

If the U.S. government bans Kaspersky Lab, you may not have any choice but to ban it as well.

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HP, Equifax and Security: Why HP Appears to Lead

18 Sep, 2017

With things getting worse, it was nice to know that HP, at least, seems to get security and give it the focus it must have if we are to remain safe.

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HP: Energy of a Startup, Power of a Fortune 100 Company

12 Sep, 2017

HP showcased its brand value, 3D printing, Yo Home, and its focus on AI, millennials in the workforce and security.

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$20M Uber/FTC Consent Decree Points to Uber Practices and AWS as Critical Avoidable Problems

11 Sep, 2017

The FTC alleged that Uber did not take reasonable care, in effect was arguably negligent, in protecting user data.

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HP vs. HPE: Why the Sibling That Couldn’t Win Is Outperforming the One That Couldn’t Lose

07 Sep, 2017

Generally, a firm’s performance is dictated by the stability, loyalty, and competence of those running it.

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AMD Ryzen PRO: Lessons Learned

01 Sep, 2017

AMD has created a fascinating and very competitive line of desktop processors. But it is hampered by the perceptions that it is still a second-class player.

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Ryzen Pro: AMD Resets Expectations on Commercial Desktops

31 Aug, 2017

This is a very different part from AMD. Historically, the firm provided good enough technology at a value price. Ryzen has many competitive advantages and still an attractive price.

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Can You Make People Trust the Autonomous Car?

24 Aug, 2017

If there isn’t a well-funded effort to change buyer perceptions before the first autonomous car arrives, the total available market will start at about 25 percent of potential.

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Why You Can’t Trust Most Studies

23 Aug, 2017

The clear majority of studies, both focus groups and surveys, aren’t valid. They don’t predict what they attempt to predict and they don’t represent the groups that they say they represent.

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In Microsoft Surface Dust-Up, Consumer Reports Has the Bigger Problem

18 Aug, 2017

Quality is important and it needs to be. But those reporting on quality also need to ensure the quality of their reports, the sampling methodology and timeliness.

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BlackBerry and Vuzix Partner to Make AR More Secure

15 Aug, 2017

Increasingly, AR glasses will become a requirement, not only for increased productivity in certain jobs but also for increased safety.

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