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HP Innovation Summit 2019: Blending Old with New to Make the World a Better Place

19 Apr, 2019

From sustainability to home improvement to prosthetics, HP and customers are working to make the world a better place.

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Rethinking Security as a Competitive Edge

09 Apr, 2019

We need to rethink security as a competitive edge and stop thinking of it as an impediment to getting business done.

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Google’s AI Ethics Council Fails: The Three Components to Address the Problems with Control Councils

04 Apr, 2019

For efforts like the Google AI Ethics Council to work, they need to be integrated with the creation process, have the responsibility to assure ethics and the authority to enforce their decisions, and the full support of the executive staff.

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Cisco’s Decibel Changes the Nature of Enterprise Funded VCs

29 Mar, 2019

A skunk works-like VC organization named Decibel from Cisco appears to strike a near perfect balance by using a model that has been successful in driving innovation.

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NVIDIA Showcases Impressive Advances in Data Science, HPC, VR

20 Mar, 2019

NVIDIA has been moving aggressively into the AI, data science, HPC, robotics, and automotive spaces and GTC is a showcase for how far it has come.

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IBM, NVIDIA, Hyundai, Geico Bring Deep Learning AI to Call Centers

15 Mar, 2019

Call center AI implementations are creating huge improvement rates in multiple metrics, and users are impressed.

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Qualcomm vs. Huawei: Is This a Battle Between Companies or Countries?

09 Mar, 2019

This is as much a war for technology leadership between countries as it is companies, and between a competitive telephony market vs. one that is dominated by a single vendor.

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HP Megatrends Report Showcases a Troubling Future for the World

28 Feb, 2019

HP is performing the role of canary in a coal mine and pointing out that the world we have this decade will be very different from the world we will have in the second half of next decade, based on megatrends.

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NASCAR’s Best Practice Use of Microsoft Teams

21 Feb, 2019

Hendrick Motorsports has become a showcase for how to effectively use the Microsoft team management and coordination tool, Teams.

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IBM Strategic Partner Effort Strengthens Through AI Concepts

19 Feb, 2019

If it executes against the plans, the IBM partner program will be the one to beat and become a solid reference for how something like this should be done.

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The Most Troubling Part of the FTC Case Against Qualcomm

31 Jan, 2019

Attending the final hours of this FTC trial raised several serious and troubling questions about this proceeding and future ones among tech companies and government agencies.

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Qualcomm vs. FTC, Apple and Intel: Deceptions and Misdirection

24 Jan, 2019

The FTC got involved in litigation at the request of Apple and Intel, which could backfire on them. The effect on Qualcomm and the smartphone market may not be what they intended.

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NVIDIA and the Robotics Revolution

16 Jan, 2019

General robotics require an ecosystem and at the heart of that ecosystem, if the firm executes, it will be NVIDIA.

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NVIDIA CES Keynote: The Next Step in Dreamweaving

07 Jan, 2019

In the first big keynote of CES 2019, the focus for NVIDIA is on its graphics capability with emphasis on the new RTX technology.

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The Big Changes in 2019

03 Jan, 2019

2019 will be disruptive, with firms like Microsoft rising again to power and long-term market leaders dropping due to bad decisions, poor execution, and lots of distractions.

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Deep Instinct: Power of Deep Learning and the Only Anti-Malware Solution That Truly Works

20 Dec, 2018

Deep learning in general, done right, is a game changer, and products that use this AI approach have a high probability of being massively better than their more traditional competitors.

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Intel’s Troubled Path to the Future

17 Dec, 2018

While announcements from Intel look compelling, its seeming inability to execute either in building the products or getting developers to use this new capability is unprecedented.

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Cisco Makes Significant Move to End Poverty

03 Dec, 2018

During this holiday season, it is easy to become disgusted by the bad behavior of others. We should instead focus on companies that are doing well by doing good.

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BlackBerry and Cylance: Moving Aggressively to Secure the Coming IoT World

26 Nov, 2018

BlackBerry is working hard to become the go-to vendor for IoT security, including with a Cylance acquisition.

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Cisco Learns from the Past to Create a Strategy for a Mixed Domain Cloud Future

13 Nov, 2018

Cisco is moving aggressively to make sure it remains relevant and dominant in a future defined, not by the cloud exclusively, but by an increasing variety of focused domains that need to be connected, managed and secured.

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