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Survey from SAP Finds Large Digital Transformation Gap

18 May, 2018

SAP Ariba Chief Digital Officer Marcell Vollmer says the survey results make it clear that there is still a long way to go in terms of transforming businesses in general and procurement especially.

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Oracle Brings AI to Manufacturing

16 May, 2018

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Analytics for Manufacturing identifies patterns and correlations across variables such as manpower, machine, method, material and other management-related information.

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Government Transformation of Processes Begins with the Cloud

15 May, 2018

It is still early days when it comes to transforming government processes. But it is clear that most of that effort is going to be focused around cloud computing platforms.

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Multiple Waves of Digital Disruption Are Transforming the Banking Sector

11 May, 2018

The biggest issue banking institutions struggle with is arguably not the core technology, but rather the rate of change facing an industry that previously measured rates of change at a glacial pace.

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SAP Embeds Additional Business Processes with Cloud ERP Platform

10 May, 2018

SAP this week continued to accelerate the rate at which additional business processes are being automated within its ERP applications thanks to machine learning algorithms.

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Workday Looks to Help IT Fill in the Business Process White Space

07 May, 2018

Workday Canvas Design System provides IT organizations with a set of tools that enable them to build applications that have the same basic look and feel of Workday applications.

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SugarCRM Rises to GDPR Compliance Challenge

04 May, 2018

Many organizations are discovering they need to upgrade any application where personally identifiable information (PII) data exists for GDPR compliance.

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Retail Sector Confronts IT Innovate or Die Challenge

03 May, 2018

Regardless of the source of funding, it is apparent that rather than viewing IT as a cost to be contained, a significant portion of the retail experience is being reinvented using a broad range of advanced technologies.

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Dell Technologies CEO Says Time to Innovate or Die Is Now

02 May, 2018

Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell says organizations that continue to allocate IT budgets based on a single-digit percentage of their overall revenue are headed for obsolescence in the digital business age.

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Oracle NetSuite Looks to Bring AI to SMBs

24 Apr, 2018

Oracle NetSuite updated business intelligence modules made available as part of the cloud application suite that is now infused with machine learning algorithms.

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SAP Survey Sees Machine Learning Algorithms Having a Business Impact

18 Apr, 2018

Organizations that are data driven are usually among the first early adopters of machine learning algorithms to attain a competitive advantage.

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Google Sees Speech APIs Transforming Range of Business Processes

13 Apr, 2018

Google says these APIs will significantly advance adoption of chatbots and other form of integrated voice response (IVR) systems.

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Mobile Computing Drives Business Transformation in Health Care

12 Apr, 2018

Change comes slowly to the health care industry. But progress is starting to be achieved as mobile applications proliferate across the industry.

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Oracle Extends Cloud Customer Experience Application Portfolio

10 Apr, 2018

AI-based capabilities that have been injected into Oracle CX applications include models to increase open rates, conversions, and customer lifetime value.

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Workday Bet on Open APIs Starts to Pay Off

05 Apr, 2018

Workday has updated its human capital management (HCM) cloud applications to now include integration with Slack.

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Oracle Infuses Machine Learning into HR Recruitment

27 Mar, 2018

Oracle extended its push into human capital management (HCM) via an update to a cloud service that takes advantage of machine learning algorithms and other forms of AI to automate tasks and identify potential recruits.

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Inspyrus Looks to Automate Accounts Payable

26 Mar, 2018

For all the potential of AI, sometimes the payback associated with automating something as simple as the processing of invoices can deliver a much bigger and more immediate bang on investment.

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How Automation and AI Are Transforming Role of HR

23 Mar, 2018

Interest is rising in leveraging emerging artificial intelligence (AI) apps to automate as much paperwork as possible, and then surface the best possible candidates to meet new and existing job requirements.

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Twilio Looks to Inject Flexibility into Call Centers

19 Mar, 2018

Cloud-based services are going to be in a better position to analyze massive amounts of data required to fuel next-generation call center apps enabled by machine and deep learning algorithms.

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AI Poised to Transform Accounting

19 Mar, 2018

Given the fact that accounting activities are largely an exercise in pattern recognition, it is only a matter of time before tasks such as these are more efficiently accomplished by machine learning algorithms.

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