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Lora Bentley came to IT Business Edge after nearly six years as legal editor for LexisNexis. She holds a Kentucky law license and a J.D. from the University of Kentucky.

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Yahoo Sues Facebook over Social Networking, Advertising Patents

22 Mar, 2012

Oh look ... It's more patent litigation. That's not surprising, given the litigious times in which we live. But for once the names in the case heading aren't Apple and Google or Samsung.   This...More >

Schumer Wants Google, Apple Under FTC Scrutiny for User Photo Access

06 Mar, 2012

After we were reminded last month that pictures taken with mobile phones and posted online may pose privacy risks, and now that Google's privacy policy changes have become effective, Sen. Charles...More >

Apple Faces Trademark Suit over iPad

01 Mar, 2012

Apple's legal wars expanded into China recently, when a company called Proview Electronics filed a trademark infringement suit against the iPad maker in California. Proview's parent company, Proview...More >

Facebook Users Better Managing Privacy Controls

27 Feb, 2012

For five-plus years now, I've been writing about employers and employees learning to navigate social media in the workplace. There are lessons to be learned on either side, and unfortunately several...More >

White House Renews Push for Online Privacy 'Bill of Rights'

24 Feb, 2012

Thursday, the White House unveiled its plan for an online privacy bill of rights. Reuters reported the plan calls for seven basic protections for consumers. For instance, consumers would have control...More >

Microsoft Accuses Google of Unfair Patent Licensing in EU

23 Feb, 2012

It was inevitable given the fierce competition in the mobile phone industry. Microsoft filed a complaint with the European Commission this week, accusing Motorola Mobility and Google of overcharging...More >

Google at Odds with Competitors over Privacy Workarounds

21 Feb, 2012

For the last few years, specifically since legislators and privacy advocates have been keeping a close eye on behavioral advertising practices, browser makers have been making strides toward giving...More >

Is EPIC Out of Line with Suit Against FTC?

16 Feb, 2012

Last March when Google settled Federal Trade Commission privacy charges arising out of its short-lived Buzz social networking service, I thought the matter was closed. But I should know better than...More >

EU, U.S. Regulators Approve Google's Motorola Buy

15 Feb, 2012

Google finally got approval this week for its acquisition of Motorola Mobility. That doesn't mean regulatory scrutiny will cease, however. In fact, it may increase.   According to Reuters,...More >

German Court Sides with Samsung in Apple Patent Fight

10 Feb, 2012

For the third time in recent months, Apple lost a bid to have Samsung's Galaxy Tab computers banned in certain countries. According to AFP, a regional court in Dsseldorf decided Thursday that design...More >

Facebook Meets Advocacy Group to Discuss European Data Protection

09 Feb, 2012

Representatives from Europe-v-Facebook.org met with Facebook officials in Vienna, Austria, Tuesday to discuss the social network's progress toward transparency in its user data practices. Of...More >

European Commission Looking into Samsung's Patent Licensing Practices

01 Feb, 2012

As if Samsung doesn't have enough on its plate right now, considering the international litigation with Apple and other smartphone makers over patent infringement, the European Union announced...More >

Consumers Should Be Informed of Monitoring Software on Mobile Devices

31 Jan, 2012

For months now, privacy advocates and regulators alike have been concerned about the fact that wireless providers have the ability to collect data from user devices. In the U.S., Sen. Al Franken...More >

Motorola Files Even More Patent Claims Against Apple

27 Jan, 2012

Earlier this month, the International Trade Commission issued a decision that Motorola Mobility did not violate Apple patents in a case that Apple filed against the company in October. Though the...More >

Google to Merge User Data Across Products

26 Jan, 2012

Does Google not remember it's already under extreme scrutiny from regulators regarding privacy practices? The company announced this week that it is changing its policies to track user activity...More >

EU Ready to Roll out New Data Protection Rules

26 Jan, 2012

The European Union is set to release new, tougher data protection regulations soon. According to Reuters, the impending directive could have a significant impact on businesses, both in the EU and...More >

Forcing Defendant to Decrypt Laptop Does Not Violate Fifth Amendment?

25 Jan, 2012

While we're talking about judicial decisions that impact technology ... a judge in Colorado has decided that a defendant in a mortgage fraud case cannot use the Fifth Amendment protection against...More >

Dutch Court Refuses to Ban Samsung's Galaxy Tab

24 Jan, 2012

Apple is out of luck in the Netherlands. The court hearing the Cupertino, Calif.-based company's petition to ban Samsung's Galaxy Tab in the country, and by extension, in most of Europe, has denied...More >

Will OPEN Act Do What SOPA and PIPA Didn't?

23 Jan, 2012

Last week, we couldn't go anywhere online without running into reminders that the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act were coming up for a vote. The bills' respective sponsors saw the...More >

Google Faces More Regulatory Inquiry with Search Plus

13 Jan, 2012

I was just thinking it's been too long since I've seen anything about patent disputes. But then I found this little gem. PCMag.com reported last week that Google purchased 187 more patents from IBM....More >

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