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Many Industries Now Compete with Google for Top Tech Talent

31 Jul, 2013

As other industries begin to seriously embrace technology, the competition for hiring the top IT workers commences. But some may need to loosen their ties and shed a stuffy image to attract Silicon Valley workers.

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It May Be Time to Update IT Hiring Practices

30 Jul, 2013

When attempting to hire top tech talent, companies may want to revamp their current recruiting techniques.

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GOP Seeks to ‘Leapfrog’ Democrats on Big Data

29 Jul, 2013

The GOP plans to hire developers from Silicon Valley in an effort to increase its tech operations for 2014 midterms. The party also hopes this move will help them leap past the Democrats in terms of data analysis.

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Contractor Rips Fast-Growing Amazon’s Reliance – on Contractors

26 Jul, 2013

Related issues may be leading to the short average tenure at the company.

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Ford Boosts its 2013 Hiring Goal by 800 Jobs

25 Jul, 2013

Ford has increased its number of salaried positions that need to be filled by 800 jobs. The company plans for most of these IT and engineering jobs to be located in Michigan.

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Study Challenges Notion of Talent Shortage

24 Jul, 2013

Bright looked at the top 10 positions for which companies seek H-1B workers.

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Rise of Software Fuels Job Demand

22 Jul, 2013

Those experienced in data analytics, cloud computing, systems architecture, information security, and software engineering remain in high demand.

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Can Working at Google Extend Your Life?

18 Jul, 2013

Google's hiring of Ray Kurzweil, proponent of the idea called Singularity, or bringing man and machine together, has caused a few to wonder what this means for the future of technology and humans.

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Effectively Developing Leadership in Tech

17 Jul, 2013

Young and technically minded employees will approach leadership training and management duties differently than those in other parts of the company.

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Downsides of the All-twentysomething Staff

16 Jul, 2013

Lack of experience, burnout and poor interpersonal skills are real problems.

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Google Search Algorithm for Mobile Could Deep-Six Your Careers Page

15 Jul, 2013

The new algorithm is designed to demote web pages that are not built with a responsive mobile web design.

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New Airline Booking Technology Could Boost XML Jobs

11 Jul, 2013

A new IATA initiative calling for an XML-based standard for travel sites could increase demand for XML programmers.

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IT Workers Skew Young

10 Jul, 2013

A new survey shows just how young the workforces of some tech companies are.

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Global Business Resists Investing in Talent

09 Jul, 2013

To effectively address their talent needs, companies will have to develop global management programs.

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IT Employment Soars in June

08 Jul, 2013

CIOs and managers may be refocusing and redefining what is a core need.

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Security Threats Boost Pay for Experienced IT Pros

05 Jul, 2013

These salaries are rising fastest in New York and San Francisco.

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Internal Interviews Require Just as Much Preparation

03 Jul, 2013

Internal interviews can seem like casual conversations about your professional development, but the candidate can help direct the level of professionalism and formality they entail.

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Can Zynga Swing a Turnaround with New CEO?

02 Jul, 2013

New CEO Don Mattrick, who likes a challenge, was pursued for this slot.

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Feds Expand eInternship Opportunities

01 Jul, 2013

The State Department is expanding the Virtual Student Foreign Service Program, which offers unpaid, online jobs to college students.

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Immigration Bill: A Boon for Tech Contractors?

28 Jun, 2013

Expanding the federal E-Verify program nationwide, among other provisions, creates new contracts.

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