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Cybercrime as Big Business

25 Apr, 2016

Cybercrime is big business. Cybercriminals like FIN6 are out to make a profit, just like any other big business.

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IT Professionals Balk at Backdoors but Aren’t Diligent About Encryption

21 Apr, 2016

While many believe that encryption actually helps prevent data breaches, it isn’t as widely adopted as a security layer as one would think.

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Unclear Sense of Ownership Hurts API Security

18 Apr, 2016

If organizations can’t come to a consensus on who is in charge of API security, what usually happens is no one is in charge.

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Government’s Approach to Cybersecurity Is Mixed

14 Apr, 2016

We need a deeper conversation on the topic in this country. A cybersecurity panel is a start, but it hardly makes it the national conversation cybersecurity needs to be.

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Cyber Terrorism Is a Real Threat for the Near Future

13 Apr, 2016

Reexamining the type of security technology used to protect both the U.S. government and private sectors is essential to keeping our country safe.

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Poor Mobile Device Security by Doctors Puts Patient Data at Risk

11 Apr, 2016

More people in the health care industry are relying on mobile devices to connect with patients, patient data, and to health care networks.

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Panama Papers Leak Raises Security Questions

07 Apr, 2016

In this digital age, it will get increasingly difficult to keep documents private. There are too many trails, too much data, and too many ways for security breakdowns to occur.

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Vulnerabilities Found in Medical Devices: Health Care Security Continues to Be Flawed

04 Apr, 2016

Health care has endured dozens of breaches in hospitals and insurance offices that put medical and other personal information of patients at risk.

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Firewalls Remain a Vital Part of a Good Security System

31 Mar, 2016

Not only are firewalls still a very important tool for any security system, the time has come to start thinking about the next generation of firewalls.

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Health Care Facilities Targeted in a Wave of Ransomware Attacks

30 Mar, 2016

Why are we seeing ransomware activity targeting the health care sector and what is different? 

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Verizon Breach Shows How No One Is Immune from an Attack

28 Mar, 2016

Experts comment on the attack on Verizon Enterprise Solutions and what it teaches us.

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Studies Find Cybersecurity Continues to Lag in Federal Agencies

24 Mar, 2016

Outdated systems, budget constraints and old habits are three big reasons why federal agencies struggle with cybersecurity.

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The Future Threat Horizon: IoT and Regulations Could Be Biggest Security Concerns

21 Mar, 2016

Companies can address today’s security problems with an eye to the future and begin putting together a proactive approach, rather than waiting to react.

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Security a Low Priority for Many C-Level Executives

17 Mar, 2016

CEO must stand for Chief Executive Ostrich, because there are a lot of them with heads buried in the sand, ignoring reality.

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How Communities Are Using Smart Building and Smart City Technology

16 Mar, 2016

These 10 smart technology projects are helping to create better living through lower energy consumption, easier maintenance, real-time info sources and cost savings.

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The Difficulty of Finding a Good Security Posture

14 Mar, 2016

Cybersecurity is finally getting the attention it requires, but organizations have a long way to go to create a security posture that matches reality.

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A Conversation About Cybersecurity with Lee Rossey, Co-Founder and CTO of SimSpace

10 Mar, 2016

Rossey shares his expertise on national security, personal privacy, what politicians should focus on right now in terms of cybersecurity, and what his company's customers are dealing with.

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Ransomware Targeting Mac OS Found in the Wild

07 Mar, 2016

More than ever, the time has come for the security for Apple devices to be taken very seriously. Are the Macs connected to your network protected in the same way Windows machines are?

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Studies Show Rise of the Mobile Malware Threat

03 Mar, 2016

PC security is still necessary, of course, but mobile security’s time to be a top priority has come.

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Nissan LEAF Vulnerability Shows Cars Share Similar Issues with Other IoT Devices

29 Feb, 2016

Expect cars to become more attractive targets for hackers, just like every other IoT device.

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