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Network Assessment a Vital First Step for VoIP Deployments

21 Aug, 2007

The resounding message from IT Business Edge's interview with Chad Agate and Leo Smith -- the co-founder and CEO and Marketing Director, respectively, of NeoPhonetics -- is simple: Companies thinking...More >

What's Next for Master Data Management?

17 Aug, 2007

Master data management comes in two flavors: customer data integration (CDI) and product information management (PIM). But soon, you can expect to see these two products migrating toward each other,...More >

PKWare Takes Unique Approach to PCI Compliance

15 Aug, 2007

In about six weeks, merchants and retailers around the world that process payment card transactions will be subject to a revised Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.   And the fact that...More >

Evolving DDOS Attacks Blend in with Legit Traffic

10 Aug, 2007

It certainly is good news that AT&T included distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS) protection in the managed firewall service for small- and medium-size companies it introduced last month....More >

WiMax: So Far, So Good -- But the Hard Part Lies Ahead

08 Aug, 2007

In the eighteenth century, several cities on the east coast vied for prominence in the European trade. New York City won because of its great harbor and two innovations: It cut prices to the point...More >

Let's Get Real About RFID Benefits, Says System Integrator

07 Aug, 2007

RFID has been sold as a kind of cure-all for a variety of supply chain ills -- though the results haven't always produced the kind of benefits that early adopters might have liked.   While...More >

Attachments Less Dangerous; E-Mail Still a Threat

01 Aug, 2007

To those who do not enjoy the "pleasure" of observing the tendencies of hackers, crackers and other bad folks on a daily basis, it may not be apparent that this is a constantly and rapidly evolving...More >

Wanted: A New Approach to Open Source in Business

01 Aug, 2007

When the Free Software Foundation released version 3 of the GNU General Public License in June, most in the open source community knew it would make ripples -- and maybe even require significant...More >

The Spam Index: A Bird's Eye View of a Shifting Challenge

26 Jul, 2007

Brockmann & Company's introduction of The Spam Index nailed down quantitative measures for several things that e-mail users intuitively know: E-mail is useful (82 percent of respondents to the...More >

Switching Gears Difficult but Important for Muni Wi-Fi

25 Jul, 2007

Craig Settles, who has written extensively on municipal Wi-Fi (including the book Fighting the Good Fight for Municipal Wireless) says that the landscape is changing. What we are seeing is that a...More >

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